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    Stuart: They went to a few different people. Some 'famous' in their fields, some just normal people.
    I sent the then VHS (now DVD) as an infomertial out to about 4 people. Then I just received phone calls saying, "I'll take this & this & this, etc."

    Zander: What it would be worth now? I don't like to think about things like that. I would require heavy psych medicine. As a note, I don't think I ever passed up a flag I saw for sale. It got expensive even then. In '92 I actually sold a 89 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster for the BDM &
    untergau (bann) pennants & the
    Ilfeld tunic as a group. Wy wife just shook her head horizontally.

    If I could roll back time, I'd would have kept perhaps 8 of them. Oh well, onward and upward as I alway say. You can't dwell on things you used to have or you'll be on lithium in no time.

    If you've seen any of the any of the items I've been posting [that I own and am buying these days], it has not been any uniforms or flags, nor will it be. That chapter is closed.

    I have no desire to repeat it. So this time around it's the medals I already have and insignia. That's It. I had some insignia in the first go-around, but not really too much, there were just too many flags and uniforms floating around at that time.

    I'm very glad it was enjoyable for you guys!


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    Kevin that was truly an exceptional collection with amazing and rare pieces,thank you so much for sharing and all i can do is wonder about the history that is behind all those pieces truly amazing an thank you so much for sharing.

    BTW i have to clean now my keyboard as it is full of droowl hahahahaha:001_tt2::001_tt2:

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    hi kevin your old bdm 163 is up for auction as we speak they are beautiful i have one on black background and wake up to it each morning and it still puts a smile on my face you really did have a great collection i hit hard times myself back in the early 90s i had a very large HJ collection then and the item i wish now i had of kept or even just a photo as a HJ officers peak visor cap for signals but in white top form breaks my heart even now to think of that cap wheres the gun lol best wishes steve

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    i know hard times too. i had two ss caps a couple of years back, the pride of my collection, kept them in a hat box, handled them with gentle care, when i had to sell them the guy gave me the cheque and threw them on the pile of other caps on the table behind him, just no respect. your collection was great, but dont feel to upset, at least you HAD them, lots of other guys never have the chance to even own one, never mind dozens.

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    Just found this thread and can only echo what the other guys have said. Some famous pieces in there and it must have been a priveledge to have owned them Kevin. And all were found the hard way too :thumbup

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    Kevin, was the flieger HJ Gefolgschaftsfahne the one I've seen with a
    emblem on the corner patch? If so what a flag that one is!

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    Hey Darin,
    The Flieger gefolgschaft standart was just a normal flag with the bann & gefolgschaft number.
    Sorry. But it was a good example, all the rings wee there and the paper tag was still on it.

    Next time I watch the movie, I'll get the the bann number.

    The finished basement with all of the items displayed and mannequins was a great place to unwind and drink a Warsteiner. I had a nice comfortable chair down there.

    Funny, I can still remember the faces on the mannequins.... :cool:

    This of course was all way "before kids".


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    Funny, I can still remember the faces on the mannequins.... :cool:

    Thats when you know youve had to much


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    they should have been:D:D


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    Some time in a persons collecting career he needs to sell a few things for real life things.It shows that real life is still more important than this hobby.:rolleyes:

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