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    I don't want to cast the wrong impression, that I sold the old collection to pay medical bills of something respectable like that.

    It may sound strange, but the hunt was just as much fun as the possession.
    The hunt was more difficult and IMO more exciting before Al Gore invented the internet.

    I took most the money and sunk it in Military Assault Rifles.
    The good ones that were banned from import into the States 1989.
    I didn't "need" them either.

    Now, at this time in my life with kids, I do have all the bills.


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    HJ/DJ.BDM Collection


    Fantastic collection!! After looking at all your "leased" items I am thinking of starting my own "leased" collection. What should I pay for a 64"x48" DJ flag with a corner patch 21/331 and all 7 rings (RZM marked) still attached. Excellent condition.


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    Methinks that the seller of that flag will not lower the price.

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    OUTSATANDING collection you had, WOW is all i can say!!! The fleiger HJ trummpet banner ended up in the uk, i had it in my hands at a local fair, turned my back and it went I allways regret putting that one down, cheers for posting.Pete.

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    hi kevin wow words could not describe that collection was amazing you be proud!!

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    Vau what collection :eek:.

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