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    Yes it has a lot of good information. The real value in it is in the photos of triangles and straps if you are a fan of them. Over a thousand photos.

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    hey Darrin I just joined the 2000 club


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    Indeed Paul, CONGRATS!!! Your experience is much valued here. :canada:

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    Sorry to sow doubt, but I think that these hand embroidered badges (so for officers) have never been allowed to be worn in the HJ. Had that been the case, "
    " and "
    Stab ", for exemple, would of course existed in that manufacture. No picture, I know, shows one. On the other hand, the represented badge is not finished to quality standards of the time.

    Best regards

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    sorry think you need to put your glasses on the embroidery is of a high standard and exceeds IMO some of the
    CUFFs. also there have been at least one pic shown lately of a stab leader wearing one of the higher quality ones they so exist but are as rare as any of the higher leader triangles .For some reason the shoulders show up much more regular but even they are rarer
    This forum has drawn out some interesting items that would never surface and one must keep an open mind to the possibilities
    and stay alert also


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    Show us the picture !

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    WISH I could remember where it was posted perhaps a member can recall

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    Personally , I dont have a problem with Pauls triangle .
    Non regulation ...yes . Original Yes ( in my opinion )
    You will find after collecting as long as some of us have been ( myself 35 years ) for every regulation cloth item made there is problibly a non regulation / non standard cloth item made at the ratio of aprox. 1 - 500 .

    Example : The Commander of the 1st
    Panzer division " Sepp Detrich " had a home made (adolf hitler) cufftitle in Gold bullion !
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    Do not confuse warriors and educators. What soldiers accept from their superiors if these are recognized as brave has nothing to do with children who are taught in community life.

    The triangle was only a badge of belonging and it seems that the staff did not want to make, here, a distinction between the different members.

    I don't know if the shown insignia was made, or not, in 30th or 40th. I think not ! The fact that such an insignia seems (you notice that my mind is open to everything... with or without glasses) to be not allowed to wear, makes his manufacture IMHO useless.

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    History shows that in all armies the rules if there was one where broken to suit the individual and the higher the rank the more the abuse take GOERING for instance. Officers all over not just German took advantage of their position and wore higher quality insignia more often than thought and to deny this dooms your collection to the mediocre

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