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    NPEA Armdreiecke 1

    4 pictures of NPEA triangles found on the net.
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    Did each of the NPEA schools have a triangle that reflected the location, or did some just have a generic "NPEA" triangle?

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    good question am researching that but think only a few of the schools had named triangles. This was a big organization and there was even a school for girls. I also think that because of the very close association with the SS this could be the smoking gun why we see so many pics with the HJ wear SS eagles being they are NPEA students

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    The NPEA schools were sponsored by the SS.

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    List of NPEA schools

    Here (thanks Wikipedia) you have the list of the schools for boys. There were also 3 schools for girls. Known triangles are :
    _Hubertendorf-Türnitz (1938/39 in Austria based)
    _Colmar-Berg (1941 in Luxemburg).

    In the pictures, the column called " Offizielle Bezeichnung " gives you the heading of the triangle. I don't know if all were made... but if a school existed with students in uniform (and insignias) there is no reason that the triangles were not made. I don't exactly remember the lowerst order required by the RZM but I think it was 50 triangles.
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    List of NPEA schools

    It would be good if we could complete the list at the link. We tried on the old forum but the guy with the info had a book coming out so it kinda stalled...

    As far as the triangles go the regulations from 1937 definitely state that the NPEA triangle showed the name of the school:

    'the letters are woven in yellow lettering onto a black background and show NPEA with the name of the respective institution beneath'

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    NPEA Schools

    There were 42 schools and some were so late that I doubt that triangles were ever produced. Some of the schools were attached to a main school and did not exist independently, so it is questionable if they had a triangle. Four of the schools were for females and their triangle is white on black as opposed to the male triangle's gold on black.
    It is interesting to note that in one of the NPEA films from before the war, pictures of the first school's students were shown with their arm triangle featured in a frame of the film, so we know that the first 10 to 15 did have individual triangles in the film.
    The 1942 film: Kopf Hoch, Johannas! featured NPEA Oranienstein in the film and used its grounds, teachers, students and the dagger presentation in the film itself.
    Ron Weinand

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    Thank you for the additional information Ron.

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    Does anyone know if the NPEA triangle totally gave away to the Waffen SS sleeve eagle during the war or did some schools continue to wear the triangle ?

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    I have seen unexplained pics of obvious HJ wearing the SS sleeve eagle early on there was a close association from the start and like other units the rules where bent as far as the system would allow. The HJ knife with SS engraving that I called fantasy could well be a product of this relationship


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