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    Rundfunkspielschar München Weitze


    have you checked last week's update at Weitze's ( ? I refer in particular to the 4 relatively scarce triangles. Ok, let's don't talk about prices ... a different story. My question is about the Rundfunkspielschar München: the 2nd 'n' of 'München' is a bit strange. It looks as they didn't disengage the weaving machine up on completion of the letter 'n'. What do you think?

    Again: triangles are not my area but I would like to get your opinion just out of interest.



    P.S.: Looking for cap tallies of the
    and photos with well-readable cap tallies.

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    all the triangles are okay except for the pricing absolutely outrageous and do not care how much I want the radio one would never submit to that pricing. Fortunately have the others in my collection.

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    Yes indeed, those are pricey.

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    strange letter n


    thanks for uploading the picture. Yes, I should have done that. However, I hope somebody could share my concerns - don't get me wrong - not to say it is not genuine but at least that's strange. It looks a bit as the aft end of an "e" is behind the "n".
    Again, from my naive point of view, and this is again open for discussion of course, the triangles in general are very highly priced. Considering the very same (district-) tringle was issued to tens or even a hundred of thousands of boys (and/or girls) the prices at dealers for standard district triangles (not to speak about standard green Landjahr) are quite remarkably high! And each boy and girls has received a few of them for the various uniforms - not only one!
    In comparison to that the prices for the Rundfunkspielschar or other "specials" like the Spanish or China one at Weitze are actually justified.
    When you take then a Rundfunkspielschar triangle which was probably only manufacturered a few hundred times ...


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    I agree a machine error on that one , maybe the same on a complete run until it was caught but not enough to can them imo . The pricing on these and the others is totally based on the huge surge in interest of the youth movement and while most collectors due so for the swastika and iron cross we see little of this on much of the youth insignia but seem willing to pay comparable prices

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    An odd looking one. For that price I would expect a textbook version with no flaws. A possible rejected item from the factory or something I think.

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    one beauty just sold in the states for 450.00 and from a high priced dealer too

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    HJ Rundfunkspielschar Berlin

    Yes I saw that one at Jeff Clarke's site. He is on the higher end with some items but the triangle was a great specimen at a somewhat realistic price in this case.
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    YES was sick when I saw it in the sold column . I am now trying to deal on this one from WETZE and hope he is in a dealing mood

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    YES was sick when I saw it in the sold column . I am now trying to deal on this one from WETZE and hope he is in a dealing mood

    Hi Paul,
    no offense Paul, but American dealers are also prizes for the

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