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    Some More HJ and BDM sleeve Triangles

    HJ Südost Oberdonau
    BDM Südost Oberdonau
    BDM Südost Wien
    HJ Mitte Thüringen

    Here are some new additions...

    I'm not sure where these fall as far as common or not.

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    Doug the Mitte Thuringen is a real cracker! Great early pattern example, you did very well on that one.

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    great examples thanks for showing us


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    Darin, I think I understand now what you said about the earlier text style. The Thurigen text is very different looking from the other examples.

    Thanks for looking, Paul!

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    they used the same script types on the cuff titles and I do not actually think the use of SUTTERLIN script denotes age just a preference used throughout the war but lets hear more


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    To my eyes, the script on the "Thuringen" triangle looks more refined, more finely executed. I guess this was the difference I was noticing, compared to the other 3 examples pictured.

    But you're right, Paul, that may not be any indication of age.

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    There are most definetly an early and late pattern triangle. The early pattern had a more what I would say is "elegant" looking script. This is in reference to the triangles in use prior to 1936. Wim Sarris has researched this extensively and I trust what he states as fact. He has access to the
    manufacturers data and can tell you who the manufacturer is and when they were first permitted to make insignia from reading the
    tags. An early style would have to have an early permitted maker. Converesly two styles of lettering from the same permitted manufacturer should indicate an early and a later style as long as the maker held the permit early on. He has told me his new book you will have the full list of A4 manufacturers, as far as the numbers were mentioned in the Herstellungsvorschriften, the Handbuch or the various
    issues from the Mitteilungsblatt. Here's a couple of Berlin triangles that show the difference. Wim has told me the second one is late pattern and the other is early pre 1936.
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    Good info. Thanks Darin. Can't wait for that book (Along with about 5 other current reference books that I'm wanting. At a $100 a pop, they ad up).

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    This is an early pattern Landjahr, issued in early 1934 and used for a very short period. Compare the script with that of the later pattern Landjahr. Pic was lifted from Wietze, I don't know who got this one, but well done.
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    That Landjahr was a real scoop for someone. As Darin said, it must date from early 1934 because although the colour green was designated for use on Landjahr triangles and straps it wasn't actually used until the Oberbanne had been removed from the HJ structure. That took longer than planned so this type of triangle was probably only in use for a year or less.

    Do you know how much it went for Darin?

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