1. Garry

    HJ-Streife cufftitle

    I have always assumed that the HJ-Streife CT was just a variant of the standard "HJ-Streifendienst" CT but it would appear from the regulations that it is a late-war item introduced after the restructuring of the HJ-Streifendient in Aug 1943/44. The orders state that "HJ-Streifendienst" CTs...
  2. F

    Unissued rare last pattern HJ uniform Bann 564 Train school

    Still with original tags. Jacket size 42. All buttons are RZM marked. Maby Hugo Boss? Don't know. Bann 564 was located in Wehrertüchtigungslager der Hitler-Jugend, Gebiet Oberdonau (29) Kammer-Schörfling, Kreis Vöcklabruck it was a famous hitlerjugend military school and train school.
  3. cemifor

    Portrait, Marine-HJ Prag, WE-Lager Attersee

    Portrait, Marine-HJ Prag, WE-Lager Attersee - Postwar copy, but still interesting. . (Pics are from current ebay auctions) "WE-Lager der Marine HJ Attersee, Juni 1944 Karl Platz/Hartenstein" Bann 482: Prag, Südost/Böhmen-Mähren Attersee (lake) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Burg...
  4. holzwurm_1920

    "Austrian" HJ shoulder straps. Kameradschaftsführer and Scharführer

    Hello, here is a picture of my new austrian boards. 538 Gmunden Südost Oberdonau 578 Salzburg-City Südost Salzburg 584 Innsbruck-Land SüdostTirol :001_smile:
  5. wingman15

    BDM District Triangle Sudost Oberdonau

    hi lads today im very happy to share with you a recent addition to my District triangle collection BDM District Triangle Sudost Oberdonau with pre 1933 HJ membership stripe attatched,.cheers
  6. Hlynur76

    Two HJ Tinnies - Rare?

    Sporttage der Jugend Steyr Oberdonau 1941 Ostmark Landdienst der HJ 1938 Hello HJ Collectors. I have these two HJ tinnies and I can´t find any information on these. I´m wondering if they are rare, because I just can´t find them on Internet. What do you guys think? I don´t own these (yet) But...
  7. janjan

    HJ triangle Südost Oberdonau

    Hi I want to show my latest addition is it OK?
  8. holzwurm_1920

    "Südost Oberdonau" HJ sleeve triangle and Fähnlein/Gefolgschaft standard bearer sleeve patch

    Hello, here is a picture of my new cloth items, a triangle with Litze from Oberdonau and an flag bearer patch. Hope you enjoy the picture.
  9. W

    Full list of HJ Gebietsführer (regional leaders) for 1943

    Hello, For those who are interested, here is the full list of all HJ regional leaders in 1943 Best regards Eric Admin Edit: the list came from the 1991 book shown in post #3. However, it contains a lot of errors and also doesn't include the k.-Gebietsführer who covered the Gebietsführer...
  10. holzwurm_1920

    Bann 544 Grießkirchen Gebiet "Südost Oberdonau

    Hello, here are pictures of my new shoulder board from Bann 544. It has the same style like the 532 Jungvolkführer board which I posted some months ago. LINK:http://www.hj-research.com/forum/f15/bann-532-linz-gebiet-oberdonau-dj-fuehrer-board-7695/ Hope you enjoy thr pictures. Best Regards Alois
  11. holzwurm_1920

    Bann 532 Linz Gebiet Oberdonau DJ-Führer board

    Hello, here are pictures of a DJ-Führer-shoulder board. I took the pictures today by a collectorfriend in Oberösterreich. A very interesting and 100% original board. Best Regards Alois
  12. M

    My Hitler Youth and BdM sleeve triangles

    Today arrived four more pieces I was lucky to find on the net. Two BDM from Austria (Suedost Oberdonau, Suedost Kaernten) and one HJ and one BDM Ost Sudetenland both in very good condition with RZM tag. I put all of them together for a nice picture. See yourself. If you want to see a specific...
  13. holzwurm_1920

    Gebiet "Südost Oberdonau" Bann 544 Grieskirchen Bannsportfest 1939

    Hello, here is a picture of my "austrian" HJ-tinnie from Bann 544 Grieskirchen. "Sportfest Bann Griesk. 23-25 5 1939" Hope you enjoy the picture. Best Regards
  14. holzwurm_1920

    Bann 536 Steyr Gebiet Südost Oberdonau

    Hello, here is a picture of my new shoulder board from Bann 536, it is the right board to my HJ-Ausweis from Bann 536 Gefolgschaft 7 Steyr Münichholz. I think it is a good start in the second year of collecting austrian HJ-cloth-items. Hope you enjoy the picture. Best Regards
  15. holzwurm_1920

    Jungbann 518 Amstetten Ausweis

    Hallo, here is a picture of my first Ausweis from my "Homebann" 518 Amstetten in Niederdonau. The Ausweis has a stamp from "Gefolgschaft 7/536 Steyer Münichholz" which is located in Gebiet Oberdonau. But on the first side is also a stamp from HJ Gebiet Niederdonau. Hope you enjoy the pictures...
  16. holzwurm_1920

    Pictures Wanted from "Austrian" HJ shoulderboards 1930-1933

    Hallo, Has anybody pictures of Austrian HJ shoulderboards from 1930-1933 ? Please post them or send a PM. The piping of the boards must be: brown for Gau Niedeösterreich, brown-white for Gau Vienna, green for Gau Steiermark, black for Gau Kärnten, white for Gau Oberdonau, red-white for Gau...
  17. Garry

    LDO - Leistungsgemeinschaft deutscher Ordenshersteller

    Is this list complete chaps? LDO. Hersteller Präsidialkanzlei: 1 Deschler & Sohn, München 2 C.E. Juncker, Berlin 3 Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid 4 Steinhauer & Lück, Lüdenscheid 5 Hermann Wernstein, Jena-Lobstedt 6 Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart 7 Paul Meybauer, Berlin 8 Ferdinand Hoffstätter...
  18. H

    Reichssportwettkampf 1939 Siegernadel and Oberdonau 1941

    for railhouse: Sport Siegernadel 1941 Oberdonau
  19. R

    Various Hitler Youth insignia

    hi some new items to the collection: Bannführer / Jungbannführer rank lanyard HJ Hauptscharführer / DJ Hauptjungzugführer rank lanyard Nachrichten-HJ Bann 673 DJ Bann 739 General HJ Bann 766 Flieger-HJ Bann 788 General HJ Bann 934 Pre-1938 Landjahr Scharführer Bann 164 Oberbann 3, Unterbann I...
  20. Gefolgschaft

    Insane prices for HJ sleeve triangles!!

    Look at the silly prices these items brought this week from Manion's. Unreal. These bidders must not know how to search any other sites or ebay. If it was not near impossible to get your consignment money out of these people I'd be tempted to list a bunch of stuff right now. HJ Südost...