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    great looking Triangles Douglas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    That Landjahr was a real scoop for someone. As Darin said, it must date from early 1934 because although the colour green was designated for use on Landjahr triangles and straps it wasn't actually used until the Oberbanne had been removed from the HJ structure. That took longer than planned so this type of triangle was probably only in use for a year or less.

    Do you know how much it went for Darin?
    350 euro Garry, not a bad price. I've only seen one other, it was oversewn with a green one!

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    Thanks Darin. Yes, seems a fair price.

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    Thanks, Patrick.

    Thanks for the nice picture examples, Darin.

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    Regarding the early and later pattern triangles. I asked on another forum and Wim replied that there are most definetly early and late pattern triangles. He states the early pattern date from the introduction in 1933, and the later pattern 1936 are shown in the Herstellungsvorschriften. He said it will all be explained in the book, and there will be about 180 triangles shown including some comparisons of early and late pattern with explainations of the letter differences where aplicable.

    Here's a link to a photo of the new book Wim posted there

    worldwarmilitaria. com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=29896&d=1248782845
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    180?? Can't wait to see the pics. That's mind boggling. Looking forward to more info on early vs. later.

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    sounds like this book will be the end all for information

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    I just read the thread on that forum and take it that there is agreement that variations occur due to many manufacturers on the post 36 triangles . As for the pre 36 ones it is not clear if that lettering was carried on after 36 which I think did occur.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DouglasDwight View Post
    180?? Can't wait to see the pics. That's mind boggling. Looking forward to more info on early vs. later.

    Yep, looks like Jeff Hammond was also involved in the book. Jeff used to send me photos of his collection in the days before internet, to say it's advanced is an understatement.

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    Well, hopefully the book will clear up some of my questions, as I am still uncertain on how to date triangles. Too much contradictory information out now.

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