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    Another great photo

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    wow this is just getting better pictures worth their weight .
    Actually South Africa had a fascist party right up to the end of apartied

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    It's hard to see, but the sleeve diamond looks like it has some sort of symbol instead of the usual swaz. in the center. Maybe some sort of colonial jugend or something. Edit: Also note the guy in the background in some sort of RAD looking uniform, look at his headgear.

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    VERY CLEVER YOU ARE CORRECT NO SWAS. I vaugely rmember their symbol of the 60s and 80s but can not describe it bet it is the same. They where much in the news as aparthtied fell and there must be many pics still about showing the flag and armband to my recollect they where armed in the streets attempting to save the failing white government and remember a news clip of black soldiers stopping a car and executing them on world television.
    The guy in the background would be their form of storm trooper me thinks

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    This theread could be such a huge piece of investigation, from Spain to South Africa.

    Any other strange triangle?



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    would be interesting to know how many members these foreign branches had

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    as for today these areas had significant German populations so would think they could muster many members

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    Interesting album photo for sale with some contents related to the HJ in spain :

    BDM-/HJ-Spanien Fotoalbum..!!!!


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