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    Jungstahlhelm sword badge

    I am not a badge collector, but something has been bothering me. I have a bit of an interest in pre-HJ groups and I search for photos related to these groups fairly regularly. Whenever the word "Jungstahlhelm" is typed in, there is virtually always a plethora of sword shaped membership pins, lots of them being with a "buy now" option.
    Are they just super common or are there heaps of fakes?
    Can anybody enlighten me on this issue?

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    do not think this area is faked, I to have seen many hat for sale to this org
    so scarce but not uncommon me thinks. These no swastika pieces are always out there and undervalued


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    Yes I have noticed that runes or swaz feed people's fetish or something, making the value go up. The no swaz items are still important history
    People are just attracted to the "dark mystique" of Nazism I guess. Makes me a little upset but what do you do?

    Thanks Mr Ayerst.

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    WELL WITH THE KNOWLEDGE DISPERSED here these none swastika items are taking on a whole new life and are in fact as or more important as much party marked stuff . KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and we are powerful

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    here's the badge meantioned in the thread.
    According to Wilhelm Saris, at the end of 1923 a youth-organization was raised known as the Jung-Stahlhelm for boys in the ages 17 through 24. The sword they wore was known as the Jung-Stahlhelmschwert or Siegfriedschwert.
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