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    Hitler youth in Ost- Hannover

    hELLO hitler youth forum-

    I am looking for information on the Hitler youth in Ost Hannover ,in an around Verden Rotenburg area ?

    can anybody here put me on to a good source of information in regards to the Barracks at the Sachsenhain(saxons grove) in Verden ,or information about the Hitler youth in Sottrum-Rotenburg?



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    What information are you looking for specific to the area of Verden/Rotenburg? What do you need to know about the Hitler Youth in Sottrum? Some information on the first question is available but it depends what you need to know. The second question is more difficult but I or other members may be able to find something. The smaller a unit or location, the more difficult it is to find anything because you then have to rely on surviving documents.

    Sachsenhain: are you asking about the part used by the SS for rallies?

    Just a quick note on your other posts: as you are a new member they were sent to moderation because they contained links. Such posts are automatically flagged for attention (anti-spam measure) so that they can be reviewed before they go live. As it happened, the subject matter of both threads had previously been discussed on the forum meaning that yours were duplicates. This was the reason for them not appearing.

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    Hello Gary;

    In regards to the hitler youth in Sottrum;--This info would be most greatly appreciated -->Unit number --Unit name--location of the barracks,and what form of combat they may have taken part in ?

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    Finding unit information on small locations like Sottrum (population in 1939: 1200) is nigh on impossible unless some documents have survived. The only thing I can currently tell you on the organisational level is the name (Rotenburg, later Lüneburger Heide) and number of the Bann that covered the area of Sottrum but finding the Gefolgschaft / Schar / Kameradschaft number will require the survival of paperwork from that period as was the case for the units at Gefolgschaft level (and equivalent) listed here.

    Whether boys from Sottrum took part in any locally organised military action can only be guessed at but the Hitler Youth did not have their own "barracks" and certainly not in Sottrum. Can I ask why you are interested in Sottrum in particular?

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    my family on my mothers side come from Sottrum ,and I know that the Hitler youth used the Verden /sachsenhain area for the Sonnenwende festival/celebration and know that this area is the gau of ost -hannover-,however on another map I found it called this area mittlestand.
    My family name is also on a WW1 memorial in Sottrum.,and my family tree was found through the protestant church in Sottrum-I am thinking that pretty much everyone had to prove German ancestry an this is why my family tree goes back to the 1600s.,anyway I have gone off track .
    So yes I am looking for units,and names of members in this area to see if any unknown family or distant family were invoved in the end fighting around bremen in 1945.

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    It will be very difficult to find names unless you can gain access to local archives in Sottrum. We have a project here to establish the numbers and locations of units below Bann level (second link in post 4 above) but Sottrum has not yet been listed. The first link in post 4 above shows the Bann numbers and I can see from a map of the RJF structure that Bann 271 covered the area of Sottrum meaning that a member of the Hitler Youth living in Sottrum would have worn shoulder straps with the number "271" and a sleeve triangle with "Nord Nordsee". Unfortunately, without documents relating specifically to Sottrum, we are extremely unlikely to be able to help with your specific request. If you do gain access to a local archive in Sottrum or Verden/Rotenburg it would be great to hear what you find and I wish you great success with your research into your family history.

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