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    Interesting to see the close-up of the plaque (post 11) which can also be seen in the first pic in post 17.

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    I noticed that as well Garry. I have been buying some period books on Norkus lately, and will scan some additional photos when I get a chance.

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    More information on my favorite HJ Bann. Look at the Jungbannfahne, the holy grail of HJ to me. I'd eat top ramen for a year to have it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Garry
    Jungbann 1/201 dates to pre-1936. Actually the history of that Bann is quite interesting. Bann 201 was the direct descendant of Artur Axmann's Gefolgschaft 1 in Beusselkietz which took on Herbert Norkus' Kameradschaft Hansa-Beusselkietz in 1929. In 1938/39 the Bann name changed to Bann 'Herbert Norkus'.
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