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    1938 Kreissieger by Brehmer

    hi all

    did anyone notice the 38 kreissieger sold on waf this week, i would have loved it but could not agree a price with the seller, prize to the first person to spot the reason i would have loved this badge

    p.s there is no real prize

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    Come on guys!! Is no one willing to make a guess?

    Surely Stu & I haven't been wasting our time trying to educate you on things to look out for on these things

    Go on have a guess!


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    Please tell !!!


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    lets see if we can get a few more guesses first, take a good look and there is a major difference on this badge to other 38 kreissieger's

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    I can't see anything odd on the obverse but I did notice that it has the kind of pin catch you see on the Brehmer Gausieger/Reichssieger. The standard Brehmer Kreissieger has a bent wire catch.

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    It has to be the catch. JME

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    Ja, ich stimme meinen Vorrednern zu - Nadelhaken. Sonst sieht das Abzeichen völlig normal aus..
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    well spotted Garry, all 38 kreissieger / gausieger and even the reichssieger have the wire catch, and then we have this one which is the first i or don have seen with the block catch that was used on the 39 badges.
    now the badge itself looks perfectly original in every way and the catch does not look like a replacement, so the question is why has this badge got this type of catch, im assuming all the badges where made the same time so where brehmer experimenting with this type of catch in 38 but if so where are the others or was this a prototype that was never meant to be awarded and only for trial purposes or something else altogether ???

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