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    OK, i agree with Paul. but, i dont think this is anything special really. Firstly the box, it does not look like there is any real connection between the box and the badge, and just because it came in the box, is no indication that it was sold like this. So we need to leave the box out of any debate. Secondly, why i dont think it is anything special is due to a few reasons. The first of these being that loads of small badges and stickpins are known with a silver stamp on the reverse, from a normal DAF stickpin, to everything else. (And just because certain badges are usually - or most commonly-found in white metal, messing, etc.. does not mean that as soon as the same turns up, but in a different color and with a silver stamp, that it is automatically worth heaps more, or belonged to a Gauleiter, or was a special gift etc etc...) The second, and probably most important reason i have, are the early 1930s advertisements from this maker, Robert Schenkel. You can read these in early 1930s issues of the I.B, and they advertise all sorts of (mundane) items, like Cuff-links, Rings with Heil Hitler on them, small swastika stickpins, pens with a swastika on them, and much more, all advertised as being made from silver, or better phrased, offered in either white metal, or silver, solid, or with enamel...etc... and seeing as this dates from 1934, a time when it was still pretty much every maker for himself, i see no reason why this item, should be classed as anything special at all. Just a "variant" imho, and not a gift or special badge.

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    great points jo as far as we know this badge could have been made by a parent for their kid to commemerate them being part of the games,or even made by the company to show what they could do who knows, doesnt take anything away from being a nice badge, but just that a nice badge

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    Not to get me wrong. I never claimed that i would have an ultimate badge here. I was just wondering why it is made of silver etc etc. Metallwarenfabrik as you seem to be the specialist here could you be so nice to show me a similar example of that kind of tinnie?? You will probably not come up with a second one. You see and that is why i asked here for help. Because all the searching i did was not succesful. And having this box with the tinnie in my hand iīd say that box belongs to that tinnie. Until somebody can prove me wrong although not with guessing but with facts i will not change my mind. And i also donīt think that nobody made out of some mood a tinnie in silver for any reasons. It could have been possible that somebody had seen a badge like this but aviously that is negative. That shows me this is aviously rare.I am not talking about money but about the numbers of existing pieces. Guessing and figuring donīt get me personally anywhere i prefer facts and solid data.
    Thanks anyways

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    personally id love it lol, its def rare i have never seen another, but why it excists who knows as i said above it could have been a private piece for a family member , we could guess forever,

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    Well that was a waste of my time.
    If i actually owned this badge, and box, i would surely not be looking at anything from a Historical point, or considering any period advertisments by that maker, or taking anything else into account EXCEPT what i wanted to believe.
    The more i read posts like: "Until someone can prove me wrong.." the more i love my dog!

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    looking at the box pics the badge may have been in it for some time but judging by the length of the pin opening was never original to this box , and I love my dogs to JO

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    I see that three members on another forum instantly gave the badge a "thumbs-up". I only know one of them as being someone interested in the HJ to the extent that he has actually researched the competition so I would personally disregard the other two especially as they did not qualify their opinions of a badge they appear not to have known about until seeing the thread.

    I have not personally found a period reference showing that participants and officials in the finals of the RBWK in 1934 and 1935 wore a special badge as they did in later finals. I would agree with Gregorio's idea that the 1934/5 badges that we see everywhere were simply tinnies used as advertising/fundraising items. As far as a silver version of the badge is concerned, I would again agree with the notion of special strikes in silver being presented, perhaps to people with an important role in the competition. However, I personally would need to see more proof before I could glibly accept the period existence of a special strike of the 1934 RBWK tinnie in silver as two of the correspondents on the other forum did.

    Elsewhere on HJ-research I discussed the special strike in silver of the Potsdam badge (another item that started out as a fundraiser tinnie) that can be shown to have been made for and presented to Hitler and it would be useful to see the same level of proof for the existence of a 1934 RBWK badge in silver (I'm not suggesting that your badge was presented to Hitler, I'm talking in general terms about uprated versions of common tinnies using the Postdam as an example).

    Actually, it would also be interesting to see how many pictures of Hitler Youth wearing the standard RBWK tinnies for 1934 and 1935 we can come up with. Does anyone have any?

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    the question i end up asking is why, what changed why did they use the badges as no more than tinnies for 1934-35 but then as participent badges for 37,38 and 39, and where does that leave the 1936 badge its def not as well made as the later yrs and has more in common appearance and quality wise with the 34 and 35 but if it was just a tinnie like those 2 why dont we see nowhere near as many of the for sale ??, and if indeed the 36 was a participent badge what changed between 35 and 36 to change so much how the badge was looked at

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    looking at the box pics the badge may have been in it for some time but judging by the length of the pin opening was never original to this box , and I love my dogs to JO
    To the doglovers here:
    Interesting with this box is although that exactly where the badge is placed the interior is higher. And that increase got exactly the dimension fitting that tinnie inside.But that is probably a coincidence.And the pin opening fits exactly the needle. That i can judge by putting it inside myself better then anybody else by looking at a picture. That the opening seems to be a little longer results from tending to slide the tinnie inside that opening. That damaged the velvet slightly below the tinnies end on the surface area.
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    Surely you guys want to be discussing the BADGE and not the box. The box is like a condom, just because it "fits" does not mean you were born wearing one. Even with any other award or item, you need to forget the box and concentrate on the item.
    As much as this badge COULD have been sold in this box, it could equally have been added into the box in 2003.

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