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    Reichskampf München 1937
    Reichskampf Hamburg 1938
    Reichswettkampf Köln 1939

    Hope you like them. JME

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    Wow, I like them very much


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    very scarce very expensive very nice

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    I dont have any of these badges in my collection ...rare and well done .

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    lovely badges the koln looks nice too most of these you find are in poor condition due to the material they are made of

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    I have the Hamburg one probably the best made of the trio , anytime the others have shown up they fly out at 3-350.00 dollars

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    Thank s guys for your comments! The most recent post I made of the Tinnies in the Database as well as these badges I had in my collection for many years. I just thought I post some photos to create some activity. It is always a good idea to get other peoples opinions. Thank you again for your contribution! JME

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    yes hard to find but is ther anyone that have the 35-36 badges (pins) weitze did have one for sale last year

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    the 35 is easy to find and along with the 34 the easiest of them all, as for the 36 have never seen one for sale , garry saw one for sale on weitze a couple of yrs back but thats it

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