1. P

    Hitler Youth sleeve triangle Hamburg?

    Hi, I'm a newbie here, I believe that Hamburg was (or was part of) Gebeit 26 and I am trying to discover that Triangle patch would be worn by HJ members in Hamburg. Please can anybody advise me. Thanks Pete
  2. cemifor

    Book: Mädchen am Steuerknüppel

    Just received this book: Margret Schmidt: Mädchen am Steuerknüppel (Publ. 1953). Autobiographical story about a young girl/female glider pilot. Prewar, WWII and postwar. Schmidt, Margret: Segelfliegerin. Hamburg. 1936 A-Schein im Segelflug, 1937 und 1938 im Sommerlehrgängen an der Clubschule...
  3. Eliko

    Set of Motor-HJ documents

    Hi everyone Let me show you the set of documents which I picked some time ago belonging to Heinrich Balck, HJ Scharführer in Motor HJ. Gefolgschaft 7, Bann 282 (Hamburg-Ost / Nordmark / Nord). The set includes Balck's HJ Ausweiss, Führerausweis (with great photos of Balck, by the way)...
  4. Wim Vangossum

    1938 Reichsberufswettkampf participants badge Hamburg

    Hi, This came just in my collection: a 1938 participants badge for the Reichssiegers contest in Hamburg. This badge also exist with the HJ rhomboid fixed with two sprongs, right? And I think it is made of cupal? The metal is very light and I see some traces of reddish copper on top of one...
  5. Animaniac

    Die Nordmark-Jugend Hitler Youth newspaper

    rare HJ newspaper for North Germany region Schleswig, Holstein and Hamburg printed since 1934
  6. T

    Flieger-HJ, NSFK Gruppe 3 ( Hamburg/Nordwest)

    Here's something from the NSFK Gruppe 3 - Nordwest ( Hamburg) these pictures are made in 1939 , came from a later Me Bf109 pilot ( KIA end of the war , shot down by an russian fighter pilot ) Pictures: the Truck from the NSFK group 3 Gliding - location was in Garlstedt / it's near Bremen...
  7. S

    Complete BDM uniform with beret and skirt

    Hallo and greetings from hamburg... Just received theese BDM dress. Never seen a barett in real before and i have some doubts about it. Has anyone a barett with such a rzm patch? In the pocket was a second leaders lanyard with a flute and a paperlabel. The skirt looks privately procured or...
  8. S

    Berchtesgadener Trachtenjacke

    Hello... has anybody Information about the Berchtesgadener Trachtenjacke. i received one of those jackets from a 95 years old women together witch the BDM achievement badges in bronce and silver, two Membership badges and a reichsjugendsportabzeichen. must be a tough Lady. she became both...
  9. S

    BDM achievement badge silver 7004

    hi guys... At first sorry for my bad english... Second... Greetings from hamburg germany. My grandfather was zgfhr. 3./pi.btl.30 and owner of the german cross in gold. I have all of his dokuments, orders and more than 500 fotos. So i became a collector. One of my collectable things are uniforms...
  10. holzwurm_1920

    "MHJ ALTONA" cap tally

    Hello, here is a picture of my new cap tally from Hamburg Altona. It is 113cm long.:001_smile:
  11. cemifor

    Luftwaffenhelfer Jochen Sievers - War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords

    A couple of interesting documents from history shop Jochen Sievers Luftwaffenhelfer, 1./schw. Flakabt. 225 (o) Luftwaffen-Oberhelfer, , 1./schw. Flakabt. 225 Participated in the airraid defence during the Allied bombing of Hamburg during the last week of July 1943, Operation Gomorrah...
  12. Paul Ayerst

    Musischer Wettbewerb der Hitler-Jugend 1944 plate - need info

    here is a late war 1944 plate awarded at an HJ function in 1944. Any info I can get before buying would be appreciated sorry about pics best can do :canada1 can also make out words HAMBURG and music
  13. W

    Full list of HJ Gebietsführer (regional leaders) for 1943

    Hello, For those who are interested, here is the full list of all HJ regional leaders in 1943 Best regards Eric Admin Edit: the list came from the 1991 book shown in post #3. However, it contains a lot of errors and also doesn't include the k.-Gebietsführer who covered the Gebietsführer...
  14. holzwurm_1920

    Reichskampf Hamburg 1938 with "moving" diamond

    Hello, here are pictures of my new tinnie. I like this type with "moving" diamomd. Best Regards
  15. holzwurm_1920

    Jungbann 282 Hamburg Ost Gebiet Nord Hamburg with red Kordel

    Hello, here is a picture of my new DJ-board with red Kordel. Hope you enjoy the picture. Best Regards
  16. Paul Ayerst

    1938 Reichskampf Hamburg Badge for participants

    just showed up on buts chek hope someone gets it :canada1
  17. L

    Luftwaffe Training School Stade

    First off, I know very little about the history of WW II or Germany, but I am trying to fill in details about the life of a relative, now deceased, who was very dear to me. She was a youth in Wiesbaden, Germany and I assume must have participated in the League of German Girls, as she would...
  18. N

    Das Hitlerbuch der deutschen Jugend

    Dr. Heinz Schramm: Das Hitlerbuch der deutschen Jugend Hanseatische Verlagsanstalt Hamburg 1933, 104 Seiten plus Anhang "Die Abzeichen der braunen Armee", 16 Bilder
  19. Garry

    How many Reichssieger badges were awarded at each Reichsberufswettkampf final?

    I know that we've discussed this in part previously in various posts and threads but I thought it would be useful to get everything in one place and to add the missing information as we find it. Last update: 4.4.2020 The table gives us, where available, the locations for the finals by year...