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    HJ after occupation

    What hats are these lad wearing? Look different than the HJ Wintermutze.
    I notice how no HJ diamonds are not present.
    Must be why a winter cap is hard to find with original Bevo insignia.
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    The caps appear to be regulation HJ caps with insignia removed. Period photos show that any insignia with a swastika was removed when being taken into captivity, particularly in the Eastern regions where combatants tried to disassociate themselves with the N.S.D.A.P. as much as possible due to retaliation from the advancing Soviet army. Note the Heer members in the photo without the national eagle on the headgear also.

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    They are wearing regulation wintermutzes . The diamonds were very likely taken by souviner hunting Red Soldiers upon capture/surrender . The Germans did this also when capturing Soviet soldiers ...allot of Captured Soviet soldiers are pictured without the usual Red star on ther field caps .

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