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Thread: HJ cap

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    HJ cap

    Hello !

    My friend is offering me this HJ cap, i have only this pic, but i can get them more if necessary.
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    This is not an HJ regulation wintermutze , It is a civilian style ski cap that was made from the early 1930s to the mid 1950s . HJ boys did however wear them on occasion . You can tell from the band around the brim of this cap .... not RzM regulation for the HJ wintermutze .

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    OK. Is it war time production ? I have a markin inside the cap on the top. Is the price 170 to much to pay for it ?

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    I would not pay more than 45 US dollars for this cap by itself . However ; if the HJ diamond is good it is worth ( the cap with the cap diamond) together aprox 100 US dollars .

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