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    Herewith pictures of a PL (Politische Leiter) side cap. The Pattern is similar to the first shown, even if the cord is not the same and I think that this cap (the first shown) could be a PL one.

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    Perhaps a cap from a political leader transferred to the HJ who added the HJ insignia rather than purchasing another cap? Just a guess though, difficult to prove something like that.

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    See post 30: political leaders did not wear alu and golden piping.
    Normally political leaders field-caps do have a piping at the edge
    of the flap, as well as at the crown! See post 41 as this is such a
    By the way: it is very difficult to find descriptions for field-caps
    for political leaders. They were hardly mentioned in regulations.
    A lot of research on behalf of this, needs to be done! An actual
    document or so can give a final solution.

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    Thanks Wim. So, jury still most definitely out on these HJ caps with silver cord.

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