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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Hi gang.
    Ok the piping is like pimpf-saars cap.Here is the link.

    Ewan hope this is a better pic.
    cheers dave if your fed up with send us it up north :laugh:

    darin i agree the tag looks alright it was just the photo that was like a scan and not a clear cam shot, i also am not the best guy to ask here PB from france on waf would be the man to ask and show these photos to as he has a collection of these alone

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    Dave -
    Ewan I'm going to put it under a black light when batteries are charged and see if this reveals anything. I know its one of many tests but hey! haven't done it on this cap before.

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    Dave -
    Good evening Gang. Ok i put it under a black light and even the cloth label did not glow. Just a small pointer, which ok its still a good sighn but not gospel. PHEW.

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    If there is a spare thread hanging somewhere try a burn test on it. If it burns to ash and does not melt then it's a good chance of being period thread. Modern thread has plastics in it that melt into a ball when burned. I personally don't see any issues with the cap, but I'm not a headgear collector so I have not studied the subject in depth.

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    Dave -
    Gefolgschaft hello to you. Ok my mate done what you said but only on the light brawn material not the badge thread or the stitching which holds the insignia on. It burns so quick and goes to a ash.

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    Dave -
    So far thanks to this forum and all the people who have supported me on this thread not forgetting the person who started this original thread (thanks to you) i am warming towards this cap moor and moor.

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    Sommermütze with the same
    manufacturer (13), light blue lining and piping construction
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Dave -
    Thank you very much
    I would rather have yours you show and mine rather than the So Called Text Book Examples which may i say there are lots on dealers sites.
    Nice cap you have and in many years thats the second i have ever seen.Yours and mine

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    Dave -
    Hi gang,
    Im so glad naw the blinkin truth has come out.
    The cap is spot on but because it was so slagged of by experts i did not like it.
    Hawever i kept it and naw i quite like this cap.

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    Always best to get as much information as possible if you are not sure about an item Dave. There will always be naysayers for this cap because it's a little different from the standard caps that are often seen. If you've done the UV, and burn test, and it passes and it seems right in hand than keep it.

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