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    opinions please on this HJ WINTER CAP

    JUST SAW THIS CAP am interested if it might be a leaders quality winter cap if period at all.

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    Leather or rubber around the bill, kiss of death. Civilian ski cap. I've seen a photo before of an HJ member wearing a cap with this material around the bill. That's the only photo of one like this in wear that I have personally seen in the many HJ photos I've looked at and owned.

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    if correct private purchase,very iffy I agree

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    If the HJ pin is good then offer the seller 50 euro for the pin and the cap all in .

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    There's two for sale on the collectors guild. Peter does not usually get things wrong, but it has been known :)





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    Darrin was the photo of a leader ? Anyone with HJ ski pics please have a close look and see if any of these leather brims are visible

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    as far as I know this leather brim is not mentioned at all in any regulation.
    So, I would rate to be carefull!!

    I quickly checked the most important manufacturing regulations. The viso with
    brim is not mentioned, as I thought! The cap looks as a regular civil skiing cap.

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    Not an HJ cap, civilian one with pin added.

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    YA HAVE STEERED PETER TO THIS THREAD, he will hoist it in.

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    Here is the only photo I've ever seen with a wintermutze that has the trim on the visor or bill of the cap. Possibly a civilian cap used by an HJ member, but proving it? Next to impossible.
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