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    Surprising Hitler Youth Winter cap

    Do you see what I see ? ... but don't forget : it must be black !

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    I do see it. Most of these I see offered for sale are grey in color. I still don't think these are RZM issues caps, but civilian caps used by HJ members IMO. Too easy to add HJ insignia post war to a civilian cap and sell it as HJ by dishonest sellers. I'd stick to the regulation caps personally.

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    I saw this on ebay also .
    I agree with Daren , civilain market ski type cap with a leather border around the brim .
    Most of these that you find are 1950 to 60s issue . If I were to buy one it would have to be 1940s made from remanfactured wool and even then I would not pay more than 60 dollars for it . Fellow collectors take the time and save your money up for a good RzM regulation HJ wintermutze . You can find them off and on via ebay or on dealer sites for as low as a 100 dollars all the way up to a thousand dollars .

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    My opinion allways was that this caps never were in use within the HJ, but what now if a black one comes over after this evidence ! ... and I still think that 100% of the today dark blue offers are crap from the point of view of a HJ collector.

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    Very interesting find, im in agreement with the above replies but this picture will stir the pot when it comes to these leather trimmed caps, nice find and the first ive seen .

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    The picture is indeed interesting but i also notice that the shape is not exactly like those offered as HJ.
    I can witness that many of those hats offered today as HJ are readily available in Austria in different colours (Navy,Grey,Forest Green, Dark brick red,etc) and they are, as said, probably ski mütze produced since the '50's if not earlier.
    Like Joe,I'd stick to the regulation model.

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