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    HJ armband with inkstamps

    HJ leader portrait.

    - inkstamps on armband (Would you buy it, if it was offered to you, with these stamps? Wonder how many stamps were on the armband?).
    - "pip" on scarf knot

    Nord Niedersachsen


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    Excellent picture Henrik,

    But, I understand that was not 100% legal, right? But since when was that Illegal? It looks like the piture was taken before 1936.

    But well we know that there were far too many cases of Regulations breakings.



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    I would not pay extra money for the inkstamps, but if its original the armband, why not buy it?

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    Interesting photo Henrik. I tend to avoid items with stamps but here is some proof that they were used. Thank you for showing the photo.

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    Great photo Henrik. The stamping of armbands is mentioned in the regulations as being forbidden so this looks to be a similar situation to the printed armbands where the
    reacted to a practice in order to stop it happening in the future. You can definitely see why they had a problem with armbands being stamped when you see how sloppy it looks on the photo :)

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    Just for completeness chaps I have found a reference showing that the stamping of armbands had indeed been ordered. In the attached regulation from January 1936 (Verordnungsblatt IV/4) it states clearly that all instructions to stamp the armbands with the wearer's unit/formation were now null and void and that the practice of stamping the armbands was to cease.
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    This is my first photo I have seen with an HJ armband with an ink stamp. I have seen a few with inks tamps around and I do have to agree it is sloppy. It seems all the types with the stamp are printed examples that seem to have these stamps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cemifor View Post
    - "pip" on scarf knot
    Number on scarf knot
    12-19-2014_001 Kopie.jpg

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    About the stamps upon armbands: this practice was in fact taken over from the

    (remind the HJ was at one time subordinated to the
    regulations it was said (for example in the uniform-regulation from March 1, 1934):
    mit dem Rundstempel der vorgesetzten
    . So the round stamp for the office
    to which the person was assigned.

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    The use of the stamps was already arranged much earlier. It was also mentioned in the 1932
    -regulation (and even much earlier).
    As for the HJ the use of the stamp for the
    was also forbidden in early 1936, when it was announced in the Verordnungsblatt der
    nr. 2 from February 3, 1936 (nr.32, page 11).
    Here the reason was given for why it was not needed anymore to stamp anymore the armbands: it had been a sign of identification
    during the "period-of-struggle" (eine Massnahme nur für die Kampfzeit von praktischen Wert).

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