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    these are not really HJ buckles but studentenbund buckles they where also worn by some npea students as darin said

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    ahh...ok, thanks for the "heads up" You learn something everyday. They were listed for about $350 each (US) I don't know if I'm allowed to say what site they were on, but I'll steer clear of them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Heran View Post
    Hi Teutonic,

    Stu is right, just get one that makes you happy. In my experience with other things, if you are not sure about being a fake or not, then just post a few pictures of the item here and I am sure that between all, we will mange to taell you if it is a good one.

    for example, I did the same before I bought my scabbard.


    Oskar Dirlewanger te saluda.

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    I agree with everyone that the buckles shown are repro NPEA,
    the repros come in stamped steel and as of a few years ago there are now cast fakes as well..
    there are 2 variations of the original buckle both in die struck aluminum
    I will dig them out and post pics this coming week

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    I will share my recently acquired example.....all these buckles were only made by M4/38 (R.S.S. was the only maker to be awarded the contract).
    The cast alum. repros are good - but lack of detail and other little giveaways do help in weeding them out.

    Here is my authentic example....very hard buckle to find!
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hohenstaufen View Post
    Oskar Dirlewanger te saluda.
    Greetings to Oskar Dirlewanger? What has Dirlewanger got to do

    a. with what Antonio said?
    b. with buckles?

    Troll posts are so seldom on this forum that they are as obvious as skid marks on a white blanket. If you aren't trolling I'd love to hear your justification for that post....

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