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    Deutsches Jungvolk buckle 'Mini'? RZM M4/34

    Belt is marked in rune.
    is there but can't be seen on pic.
    It's aprox 4,5 high and 6,2 cm wide.

    just in today

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    Nice one. This is a scarce maker according to the buckle guys: Small DJ buckle collection

    As far as I know the mini buckles measure 35mm as opposed to 45.

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    Okey Gerry, it just looks small. Maby it's normal size. It came with leather belt with nice 'stifting' in black and the boys name.
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    Could this be worn in mid 1937? Maby not All of the boys replaced buckle until 1938 when new regilations was aplied!.. and HJ belt was the only belt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fischer42 View Post
    Could this be worn in mid 1937?
    Yes, 31.12.1937 marked the end of the grace period for the DJ buckle. Here's a useful post concerning DJ buckle conversions:

    Unusual Hitler Youth buckle - DJ to HJ conversion

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    Great buckle from a scarce maker. And it sure does looks like a normal sized buckle.
    Good job :)

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