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    Gold HJ buckle centre? Bakelite?

    Hi guys,

    I went to pick up an SS RZM 57 buckle today, the collector/dealer said he wanted to show me something that I may like as I was now collecting buckles... So, he then produced this, what I think is a bakelite buckle centre that I had in my collection over 15 years ago... You could have knocked me down with a feather. He can't remember where he got it, but he's had it for between 10 and 15 years and I probably reckon I traded it to him back then...

    Of course I wasn't passing this by, it had to come home with me.... It's correct dimensions for a HJ centre, and has a gold wash, gild, gold paint or whatever.... It looks like a broken buckle centre that's been filed down...

    Thoughts? When I last had it about 15 years ago, nobody knew what it was. It's definetly plastic, looks like bakelite, although not the normal dark brown colour. Being gold I'd say Marine-HJ, but bakelite buckles are mega rare, and never seen anything like this....

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    From the side view, it seems to be..resin
    Marine HJ? could also be a dog biscuit....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    From the side view, it seems to be..resin
    Marine HJ? could also be a dog biscuit....
    It's weird, nobody, collectors or dealers locally have seen anything like it before. I've seen the pics of the mega rare Bakelite belt buckles, but nothing like this.. The quality of the HJ emblem is very good... My dog has turned his nose up at it so not a dog biscuit...

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    Part of some kind of mold perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    Part of some kind of mold perhaps?
    Well, a mould would be in relief.... I'm wondering if someone has made a mould and cast this? Saying that, the detail is superb on the emblem, definetly not someone moulding this in their back bedroom...

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    I've had one of my friends look at it, he's an older collector with a lot of experience. He thinks it's not bakelite, but Galvoplast?????

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    no idea what, when where or how - but i will say that the eagle off the top of my head is a nickel Paul Cramer ( early and most are unmarked)

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