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    I filed a report because I wasn't sure whether the post was just skirting racism or was outright racism. I should have realised either way that sort of talk is a big no no. It's hard enough when people see that you have an interest in this stuff and think you're a neo nazi. I love this hobby but I am no closet Nazi and I have no problem with any race. I happen to be a non white myself.

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    Good work guys. No need to give the haters of the hobby ammunition and paintbrushes to use against collectors and researchers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heran View Post
    Brilliant link!!!

    Thanks for showing. Very interesting. It looks really weird an asian in German uniform!!


    Hello Antonio,

    there are plenty of examples:

    Lucien Kemarat french volunteer in the Legion de Volontaires Francaises and later in the Waffen SS Charlemagne
    at least one guy in the Frw. Leg. Nederland/Niederlande
    Witcha Thitawat, a thai volunteer in the Wehrmacht
    some koreans fought in the Ost-Btl.795
    the son of chang kai shek volunteer in the Wehrmacht !
    Not counting all the volunteers in the Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Kirgizstan and Turkistanian legions

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfspear View Post
    What is the Stamm-HJ ? Is this the specialized units of HJ? If so why were they excluded?


    This is all to do with the 2nd youth law of 1939 Nick. Membership of the Hitler Youth movement was voluntary until this point but this second youth law introduced the Jugenddienstpflicht (compulsory service) which meant that all children aged between 10 and 18 who were not already members would now be forced to join.

    The Stamm-HJ was the core of the youth movement after the introduction of the law. They were the 'old guard' if you like from the period of voluntary service.Those who joined in accordance with the second youth law were members of the 'Allgemeine-HJ' (General HJ).

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    INTERESTING facts GARY did this have any influence on the traditions bar ?


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    It did Paul. The youth (boys and girls) that joined the Hitler Youth in accordance with the youth law were not HJ in the sense of the pre-1939 HJ so by default anyone who joined under the provisions of the youth law would not have qualified for the tradition stripe as that was only for those who had been members of the HJ movement prior to 30.1.1933*

    *there were different qualification criteria for the new territories.

    The children and young adults who were affected by the youth law were organised into units within the 'Allgemeine Hitler-Jugend' (General Hitler Youth) and were commanded by leaders from the Stamm-HJ. Due to the shortfall in Stamm-HJ leaders (due to the war) not all of those who were eligible for forced service were actually enrolled into the General-HJ.

    Children were either enrolled immediately or they were placed on readiness. The former group were those most suitable, the latter group the most unsuitable.

    The main differences between the Stamm-HJ and the Allgemeine HJ were:

    Members of the latter group could not normally become members of the NSDAP.

    It was possible for an Allgemeine-HJ member to be transferred to the Stamm-HJ if his performance and leadership qualities were of a sufficiently high standard. By the same token it was possible for Stamm-HJ members to be demoted into the ranks of the Allgemeine-HJ if their performance was sub-standard.

    Members of the Allgemeine-HJ could not wear rank. If found suitable for leadership such personnel could be given a leadership position but without the actual rank. The rank insignia was only permitted to be worn after acceptance into the Stamm-HJ.

    The Allgemeine-HJ uniform was the same as that of the Stamm-HJ but with the following differences: no armband for males (BDM - no scarf and toggle and no cloth diamond on the Kletterjacke).

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    thanks again GARY GREAT INFO


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    great debate going on here!

    love the info on the stamm, garry. found out most of what you say, but some new thinks where added. great job, as always...:)

    as for the colored boys in the HJ, I'm not that surpriced to see those pics, considering the axes are not an all-white people agreement. However i would think that some of the members would have looked up in a funny kind of way when they met a fellow member/soldier whose not white. excepted the asian once: the alliance with japan was well known in germany.....

    I think they even didn't think much about the colored people as ordinarry member or soldier. they had a job to do, ordered by their superiors, and the only important thing was that they could relie on the man next in line, white or not.....

    rasism is such a disgusting thing. I really don't untherstand why even nowadays, people start out from the idea that only white people where allowed into the military and HJ. I 've even once found a pic online of a "black" (hope this is politicaly correct) person with a nsdap pin attached to his breastpocket of his jacket.

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