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    RZM paper label colour conventions / regulations

    Does anyone have access to information on the conventions for the
    paper labels attached to cloth insignia etc? I'm personally never sure whether the colours you see on these labels are correct for a given item and it would be good to get some pointers on what to look for in order to aid in the identification of a good, or indeed bad, item.

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    Hi Garry
    Fishers reference vol 1 has an in depth section on the
    but i cant find anything relating to the label colour,

    There is reference to "Mitteilungsblatt der
    " which appeared bi- weekly would this have been a magazine , it could be that the label colours were set out in that ,

    cheers steve

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    Cheers Steve. Here's an example of what got me thinking:

    first picture shows a DJ rune I just sold. It has the correct colour of label according to the
    manufacturing instructions but the second picture shows another patch on sale with a red label. The same would appear to have applied to Gebiet triangles - a blue ink label was applied in 1936 but most of the triangles you see have a red ink label. The colours must have changed at some point but when? It would be really useful to see some info on this I think.
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    The red label has a more polished apperance to it ,and has the
    control logo in fishers ref it states that the state treasurer for the
    issued a decree of operating regulations on 1 -6-1934 maybe thats when the labels changed,
    Just a thought ,


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    Gary check the thread SUD SCHWABEN up on the triangles forum. We discussed three different tags there all appear good


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    These are some comments from Wim regarding the paper tags on shoulder straps that shed a little light on the subject.

    "By regulation the first tags had to be blue in color with TA and, as such, were used officially until spring 1935 when the TA was replaced by the A4 code, due to a re-organization. A tag with the "TA" officially should not have been used if the strap is post 1935, but one with "A4". It is possible the manufacturer still had old tags,but according to orders for the
    inspections the old one was not allowed to be used in 1936."

    Edit. This does not really address the color change, but I would speculate somewhere around 1936.
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    I would imagine there was a clause to allow use of existing stocks.


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    Thanks guys. Good info

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    Let's hope that Wims new book goes in depth on the
    tags. He states that there will be a full list of manufacturers so hopefully he also addresses the timeframe of the tags and gives more information on the lettering.

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    hope he does

    at least then you can be sure withc n°s are correct and witch not, now you still have gaps left IMO

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