1. mkholst

    Süd Bayreuth HJ-triangle

    I have had this triangle for some time, but I have just read in Wim’s “Handbook of the H J” that it’s ”considered as quite rare”. Do any of you know why this triangle is rare?? I know that we have several “triangle-specialist” on this forum, and it would be nice to have a list where the...
  2. T

    HJ Donation Diamond Nail Artwork- Information please

    Here is my HJ Donation Diamond nail artwork. It measures 23 inches high by 13 inches wide. It is made of wood. When a Donation is made, a nail was hammered in to create the design. The design is completely filled in so the boys made the donation goal. The back says Bavaria Bayreuth and a Bann...
  3. W

    Full list of HJ Gebietsführer (regional leaders) for 1943

    Hello, For those who are interested, here is the full list of all HJ regional leaders in 1943 Best regards Eric Admin Edit: the list came from the 1991 book shown in post #3. However, it contains a lot of errors and also doesn't include the k.-Gebietsführer who covered the Gebietsführer...
  4. cemifor

    Group of Flieger-HJ

    . A group of Flieger-HJ at a holiday training cource on the Lainecker Flugplatz (Laineck Airfield) 1942. Laineck is a district in the northeast of the city of Bayreuth. Foto from LuftSport Gemeinschaft Bayreuth The airfield was opened in 1925 and closed after world war II. Laineck (German...
  5. D

    BDM Dokumente - Hitler-Jugend Ehrenkarte

    Jungmädelring I Bayreuth BDM membership card NSDStB NSDAP Kameradschaft Obermeier temporary membership card Hitler-Jugend Standort Hof, Ehrenkarte für verdienstvolle Arbeit in der Hitler-Jugend Mitgliedsausweis für den Bund deutscher Mädel in der Hitler-Jugend Obergau 18 Franken Look at this!
  6. R

    Various Hitler Youth insignia

    hi some new items to the collection: Bannführer / Jungbannführer rank lanyard HJ Hauptscharführer / DJ Hauptjungzugführer rank lanyard Nachrichten-HJ Bann 673 DJ Bann 739 General HJ Bann 766 Flieger-HJ Bann 788 General HJ Bann 934 Pre-1938 Landjahr Scharführer Bann 164 Oberbann 3, Unterbann I...
  7. u869ss

    HJ Gebiet Bayreuth Einberufung 1942 - Einsatz der deutschen Jugend

    HJ Gebiet Bayreuth Einberufung 1942 - Einsatz der deutschen Jugend BDM enjoy
  8. u869ss

    2 pairs of HJ shoulder straps - Bann 305 Bamberg

    After the show by darin im afraid its back to the boring 2 pairs to Bann 305 Bamberg Bayreuth
  9. zander

    Marine-HJ Bayreuth

    Picture one i posted on the forum on the 21st march 2010 the second picture i received last week same location, both MHJ Bayreuth different lads whats the odds of getting them, steve
  10. Garry

    List of HJ Wehrertüchtigungslager and Reichsausbildungslager

    The aim here is to compile lists of all known Wehrertüchtigungslager (HJ pre-military training camps) for the HJ. This thread includes a complete list as at 29.5.1943 and a list of known Reichsausbildungslager (this list is not dated but has been culled from various sources). The last list...
  11. zander

    Marine-HJ Bayreuth

    Heres a nice picture of a MHJ member wearing the MHJ Bayreuth cap tally on his right sleeve he has the Oberjunggast rottenführer chevron , above which is the signallers insignia, he also has boards on his jacket which i understand is unusual, steve
  12. u869ss

    To match the straps in this week

    triangle for Bayreuth area
  13. u869ss

    Bann and JUngbann 307 Bayreuth shoulder straps - New this week to the HJ Bunker

    Bann and Jungbann 307 Bayreuth