1. M

    Very early bronze and silver HJ achievement badges!!!

    Hi guys, I get a few papers of Heinz Wendenburg from Hannover. Born on the 24.07.1918 in Dessau He served in the Luftwaffen-Felddivison 1 as an Officer and entered in the HJ on the 01.01.1933. On the 20.12.34 he gets the HJ-Bronze with the number 32. On the 18.09.35 he gets the HJ-Silver with...
  2. cemifor

    BDM Mitglieds-Ausweis - Gau Württemberg

    Found this 1934 BDM Mitglieds-Ausweis yesterday, at a local militaria collectors meeting: Emilie Hammer, born 30 October 1919 in Ulm BDM member from 1 May 1934 Stamp on frontpage: Gau Württemberg, Obergau 20 Stamp on photo: Mädelgruppe 1/VII (Ulm), Untergruppe 120 .
  3. Eliko

    Set of Motor-HJ documents

    Hi everyone Let me show you the set of documents which I picked some time ago belonging to Heinrich Balck, HJ Scharführer in Motor HJ. Gefolgschaft 7, Bann 282 (Hamburg-Ost / Nordmark / Nord). The set includes Balck's HJ Ausweiss, Führerausweis (with great photos of Balck, by the way)...
  4. cemifor

    Dr. Henry Picker - Bannführer, HJ-Oberrichter

    Dr. Henry Picker Picker was born on 6 December1912 in Wilhelmshaven. Member of NSDAP since 1 April1939, member number 322 834. At that time he was student and single. Picker studied law at the University of Kiel. In 1936 PhD on the meaning of punishment in the Third Reich. Since 1935 Picker...
  5. S

    Two Hitler Youth membership documents from HJ Bann 68

    Hello HERE Two of the same person Ausweis KOBLENZ was born in Maifeld Valley ( cordially seppi72
  6. S

    BDM achievement badge silver 7004

    hi guys... At first sorry for my bad english... Second... Greetings from hamburg germany. My grandfather was zgfhr. 3./pi.btl.30 and owner of the german cross in gold. I have all of his dokuments, orders and more than 500 fotos. So i became a collector. One of my collectable things are uniforms...
  7. wingman15

    reichsarbeitdienst weibliche jugend ausweis

    Reichsarbeitdienst weibliche jugend ausweis papers & related documents of fraulein Anna Rakowski of Teschen born in 1926 so she was about 16-17 when most of these papers were marked,cover reads (industrie und handelskammer teschen)trade & industry chamber teschen,it contains ausweis photo &...
  8. cemifor

    Luftwaffenhelfer Jochen Sievers - War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords

    A couple of interesting documents from history shop Jochen Sievers Luftwaffenhelfer, 1./schw. Flakabt. 225 (o) Luftwaffen-Oberhelfer, , 1./schw. Flakabt. 225 Participated in the airraid defence during the Allied bombing of Hamburg during the last week of July 1943, Operation Gomorrah...
  9. wingman15

    Bund deutsche mädel Erika Tiemann

    i found some photos of this German girl in the Bund deutsche mädel named Erika Tiemann,i found some photos of her in JM/BDM & in civilian clothing,she was born in Essen in 1924,below is some information on Erika in German,though i can only translate very little german.i have attatched what...
  10. Garry

    Deutsche Jugend Romania Leistungsausweis, achievement badge and fate of the owner

    I came across this little achievement book and cloth achievement patch that belonged to a Volksdeutsche girl, Inge Hannenheim, from Hermannstadt in Romania. I thought I'd try to find out a little more about her because the book has the date 31.8.1943 which was one year before the tide turned...
  11. Garry

    Jungmädel pennant "Melf Steenbock, NZ 12/821"

    I've been storming through loads of sites looking for flags/pennants over the last few days to add to our page on them and saw that this odd little pennant had reappeared in Hermann Historica auction 61. I remember seeing it years ago on Winkler's site and I wrote a couple of things down at...
  12. cemifor

    Death notice - Jutta Rüdiger

    Death notice of Jutta Rüdiger, leader [Reichsreferentin] of BDM. Born in Berlin 14 June 1910, died in Bad Reichenhall 13 March 2001 .
  13. cemifor

    Confirmands in HJ-uniform

    . . Photo (Scan of phototcopy): Confirmands on the stairs of the rectory. The photo shows some confirmands on the day of their confirmation. The boys in HJ uniform. This, however, were exceptions, and the pastors tolerated the uniforms reluctant. The clothes of the girls was a dark dress...
  14. Northwind

    HJ Feldscher Koppeltasche

    Hello, First Aid bag, obvisiously belonging to the HJ, found recently in my homevillage. The possible user was born 1921. Could anyone please date this bag. HJ tag lightly visible on top of the leather cover. Manufacturing print: W. Söhngen & ??, Wiesbaden. Printed textil list inside: Art. Nr...
  15. G

    Reichssieger 1939 - Wettkampfgruppe Bau - Franz Luibl

    From my collection ... FRANZ LUIBLWettkampfgruppe - BAU, Sparte (Beruf) - Maler Cavalier 4 Awards: - Kreissieger 1938 - Gausieger 1938 - Gausieger 1939 - Reichssieger 1939 He was born in 24 July 1921, Munchen KIA in 29 October 1943, Beretop (?)
  16. cemifor

    Marine-HJ portrait with Bann Binnenschiffahrt cap tally

    Marine-HJ portrait (repro) with Bann Binnenschiffahrt cap tally from around 1942. Note that he is not wearing the HJ badge on the cap. His name Otto Schuster, born 16 December 1927. Here's another photo from ebay (not the same person) with HJ badge on cap.
  17. cemifor

    Jungdeutscher Orden ( Young German Order ] - Jungdo

    Jungdeutscher Orden [ Young German Order ] - Jungdo Ordensbuch - Membership ID - No 736 - Bruderschaft Braunschweig . . . Reinhard Grube - Born 19 November 1911 Member from 31 August 1927 . Badge/tinnie from Kundgebung [rally] 29 - 30 August 1931 in Hildesheim . . The...
  18. M

    Looking for documents: Gerd Rudzienski

    Hello Alltogether, i look for Documents of the German Soldier "Gerd Rudzienski". He was born on 6.3.1922. On another forum, some documents were offered to "Douglas" (douglynn). Below are some pictures of what was offered. If anyone does anything knows about these Documents, or know anyone who...
  19. GR75A

    Nachrichten-HJ (Signals HJ) Scharführer shoulder straps (Bann 475), Rank lanyards, HJ-Streifendienst cufftitle

    Hello, as i told in my indtroduction i normaly don't collect HJ stuff but because my both grandfathers served their years before army there i start now to get some stuff they must have had on their uniforms. Thanks here to member Hohentwiel! because he told me in an other forum in which...
  20. Joe B

    "ARADO" Flugzeugwerke Wittenberg HJ grouping .

    I obtained an absolutley fabulous grouping of photos , documents , letters and helmet that was issued to an HJ boy who worked at the Arado aircraft factory. This grouping belonged to : Otto Herbert Graupner . Graupner was born on 19 February of 1924 . It looks like he went to special schools in...