1. R

    HJ achievement badge RZM M1/101

    What do you guys think about this one ?
  2. Visor

    Silver HJ proficiency badge RZM M1/101 good bad or ugly?

    Opinions appreciated on this guy. Looks like a little rot?
  3. M

    HJ iron achievement badge

    Hi all, where here is another achievement badge I picked at a show Friday. It's a M1/101 iron with #23046 and made in cupal form. These things are addictive!! Best to everyone
  4. C

    M1/101 HJ achievement badge - is something not right here?

    Spotted this on another site and was reminded of Jo Rivett's "surfboard" thread: http://www.hj-research.com/forum/f24/hitler-youth-achievement-badges-leistungsabzeichen-marked-s-5649/ The badge below looks okay to me but can you see what looks like a surfboard? and there's that very rough and...
  5. S

    Opinions on my HJ achievement badges

    Hello New member and newbie collector. I collected a little 10 years ago and i started collecting again 4 months ago with focus on HJ and NSDAP and german ww1 medals and badges. I found this forum today and started to read in the metal insignia sub forum. Found this thread...
  6. wingman15

    HJ silver proficiency badge M1/101

    would love some feedback on this silver proficiency badge M1/101 #150019,it is not the most mint example & i am aware of the fakes associated with the 101 badges though this one i believe checks out ok imo,.any commets much appretiated. cheers, si
  7. wingman15

    Monthly HJ Haul

    hallo und guten Tag an alle fellow HJ collectors,.on monday i recieved my monthly package,always a great day,today i thought i would share with you some pictures of my recent HJ haul,& for anybody who is interested,i have done & will be posting some more items in individual threads but i thought...
  8. R

    Bronze and Silver HJ Achievement badges for review

    Hi, I read at a thread here, there are some M1/101 achievement badges fakes on market today. I have a M1/101 and a M1/35 I purchased some years ago, and I'd like to know your opinions about they: Best Regards, Ricardo
  9. M

    HJ achievement badge M1/101 "B" good?

    I tried to sell this achievement badge in another forum and got the reply that it is a well done fake... Not so sure about this, may I ask for your opinion please?
  10. wingman15

    HJ membership badges RZM M1/101 enamel and late-war painted M1/146

    membership badges opinions,the M1 RZM marked & makermarked M1/101 the Opaque badge is not RZM marked though is makermarked (from what i can make out) M1/146,cheers fellas
  11. J

    Brehmer identified as maker of the unmarked Hitler Youth achievement badges

    I was able to link Gustav Brehmer with the early unmarked Leistungsabzeichen, as well as those only B-marked. With 100% certainty. There is a rather easy to spot obverse die fault on all of them. I made a micro composite image of the impressed number 4 on the M1/101 marked badge, (14439) as...
  12. J

    How many makers of the diamond-shape Hitler Youth membership badge were there?

    List last updated: 25th of Nov 2023 This is the running list of HJ membership badge makers. As new confirmed makers come in they will be added to this thread. Note: to be included into this list the maker must be shown in a primary source and/or the badge must be fully discussed. Without...
  13. J

    Hitler Youth achievement badges (Leistungsabzeichen) marked with an S

    Clyde Davis has Authenticated them as being genuine (page 29, Vol 21 N°2 of the two part series about HJ-Leistungsabzeichen in the Military Advisor.) A few members here have posted pictures to a few made either By M1/35 or M1/101. I don't agree with him on this issue, and will try and show you...
  14. J

    Miniature HJ achivement badge black M1/101 for discussion ?

    How would you go about saying if this one was original or not? I know that minis were not Numbered, either with the N° or a B, but are there also fakes of these known? (21,32mm x 13,44mm ~ 0,8997gr.) What do these sell for today ?
  15. Battler

    Ground Dug HJ Leistungsabzeichen M1/101 - Opinions please

    I got this piece recently and would appreciate your input. It is maker marked for M1/101 and lacks a number. As there are apparently copies of this maker around, I thought I'd best ask. Thank you for your help. Tom
  16. S

    4X HJ / DJ Leistungsabzeichen und Mitgliedsabzeichen

    Hitler Youth achievement badge bronze, Hitler Youth achievement badge silver Hallo zusammen, Ich möchte Euch mal ein paar schöne Stücke zeigen: 1. HJ Leistungsabzeichen silber (B-Ausgabe) vom Hersteller AD Schwerdt Stuttgart. Ich freue mich besonders über dieses Stück da solche markierten...
  17. S

    HJ achievement badge M1/101 fake?

    Hello, Are you aware of fakes of the HJ achievement badge by M1/101? If so it would be good to see some pictures. Hallo zusammen, Sind Euch Kopien von HJ Leistungsabzeichen vom Hersteller M1/101 bekannt ? Wenn ja wäre es super wenn ich mal ein paar Bilder sehen könnte. Vielen Dank. Gruß Jan
  18. cemifor

    RZM manufacturer M1/101 - Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen.

    Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen - RZM manufacturer M1/101 This company was one of the manufacturers of the HJ Leistungsabzeichen (achievement badge) using RZM number M1/101. The company of Gustav Brehmer was founded in 1871 in the town of Markneukirchen in Saxony and became one of the premier...
  19. Heran

    Opinions on two Hitler Youth membership badges please

    Hi Guys, Just a to ask you about your opinion over the following Association Badges!! The M1/101 (first one) looks dodgy, right? and the second? Thanks in advance Regards Antonio
  20. C

    weird military style pin on a black Hitler Youth achievement badge

    Did the proficency badge ever have a thin pin that is hinged? It is similar to the set up on war badges. I have one where the hinge mount divides the serial number. The number seems to be partially covered by the hinge. The number 49 is clear then there appears to be a patially obscured 3...