1. F

    Motor HJ/NSKK Jungmannen rare book

    Well jused.. Fantastic pice, for your eyes only:biggrin1:
  2. F

    HJ Motor side cap in mint condition and HJ driver insignia with RZM tag

    For your eyes only:denmark..
  3. Eliko

    Set of Motor-HJ documents

    Hi everyone Let me show you the set of documents which I picked some time ago belonging to Heinrich Balck, HJ Scharführer in Motor HJ. Gefolgschaft 7, Bann 282 (Hamburg-Ost / Nordmark / Nord). The set includes Balck's HJ Ausweiss, Führerausweis (with great photos of Balck, by the way)...
  4. holzwurm_1920

    Motor HJ Bann 531 Linz in Fahranzug für Motor HJ

    Hello, her are pictures of my last project. Hope you enjoy the pictures
  5. Albrecht

    Motor Hj black sidecap

    I got this Motor HJ sidecap in black, original and very beauty but with two (rare) additions, the silver cord around the cap (looks professional made) and a life rune on the side. Any opinions on this cap and specially the additions?
  6. Pimpf359

    NSKK Motor HJ Patches

    1. Model and 2. Model
  7. B

    Vormilitärische Leistungsprüfung Flieger, Marine, Motor, Nachrichten, Feuerwehr-HJ 1943 Trier Wengerohr

    doesn anyone know how much this item is worth? anyone with a picture of it? Admin Edit: thread title changed
  8. Joe B

    Mixed troop .

    Check out the different array of uniforms worn in this photograph . You have 2 Fleiger HJ wearing regulation uniforms. Three Motor HJ in blue pullovers and wearing black corded shorts . if you look closely, it looks like 2 of the 3 Motor boys are also wearing darkblue side caps , 1 wearing a...
  9. Pimpf359

    HJ Pictures from my collection

    Hello, here sometimes a few things of me. I find the Motor HJ nicest. Best Regards
  10. Pimpf359

    Motor HJ qualification patches

    Hi, can you tell me whether the two regulations are in? best regards
  11. christianlohmann

    Motor HJ on Magazine Cover

    I just saw this on for 25 Euro while searching for other stuff. Maybe some of you find it interesting.
  12. Walhall

    Motor HJ Side Cap

    Merry Christmas At the completion of a Motor-HJ project I am looking for a suitable Side Cap I have found this one. For me a nice original.What is your opinion.... mfG Brian
  13. holzwurm_1920

    Jungbann 499 Pinneberg, Bann 330 Koburg and Bann 578 Salzburg-Stadt Motor HJ shoulder straps

    Hello, today arrived my new boards. Bann 330 Koburg general HJ and Jungbann 499 Pinneberg, I payed Streifendienst boards an got Jungvolkführerboards :001_smile: It is really difficult to identify Jungvolkführer boards on a picture, but I love them. I also got the 578 boards from a forum-member...
  14. schuere

    HJ hochlandlager camp roadsign

    Hi, I have this Hj roadsign in my collection , I know this is one used on a hochlandlager camp. I know there is a picture on this forum with a sign like this ( I think one with motor and hj boys on hochlandlager 1938 ) This camp have several streets and this sign was one of those roadsigns...
  15. Paul Ayerst

    motor hj pic

    here is a very interesting pic off waf, a motor hj kid with two round patches on left arm:canada1
  16. Gefolgschaft

    Motor HJ Shoulder Straps Bann 354 $297.00!!!??

    Wow, someone wanted this set badly. Crazy high price for a set of plain Motor H.J. straps from Bann 354 Unternahe West/Moselland. Sold on EbayDE for 297.00 USD. Bidding war? or someone from that town maybe? I don't get it.
  17. wizardelf

    schoulderstraps HJ Bann 189 / Lüneberg/ Nord Nordsee

    Hi Folks, here's my assortiment of Bann 189/Lüneberg/Nordsee. This little put together is comprised of a DJ board, an early (before 1938) general HJ Board, a pink motor HJ and finally a HJ flieger board. Just have a look, any comment is welcome and or help in completing this set. (still missing...
  18. cemifor

    NSFK HJ motor flight model certificate

    A friend of mine, has this NSFK HJ motor model flight certificate. Besitz Urkunde HJ Günther Hechtel, Schwabach wird anlässlich des 11. Reichswettbewerbes für Motorflugmodell Borkenberge 1939 die Erinnerungsplakette des Korpsführers des NS-Fliegerkorps verliehen Borkenberge, am 28. August...
  19. Gefolgschaft

    HJ Shoulder Staps Bann 134

    Another set of Motor-HJ for Bann 134 Plauen Im Vogtland, from Gebiet Mitte/Sachsen has arrived today. Sew in style. Motor pairs are getting harder to find in matched sets sometimes.
  20. Gefolgschaft

    Bann 561 Motor-HJ from Bann Klagenfurt Südost/Kärnten

    A nice little Motor H.J. insignia group I just bought from Bann 561 Klagenfurt Südost/Kärnten. Probably collector or dealer put together recently but I like the look of it so will probably leave it as purchased. A neat looking set at a good price. I traded many of my Austrian H.J. straps away...