1. Como

    "National Sozialistische Deutscher Studentenbund" pennant???

    Saw this today, and was wondering of the authenticity of it. I am gun shy after being burned by another fantasy Studentenbund piece in the past...
  2. cemifor

    Book: Mädchen am Steuerknüppel

    Just received this book: Margret Schmidt: Mädchen am Steuerknüppel (Publ. 1953). Autobiographical story about a young girl/female glider pilot. Prewar, WWII and postwar. Schmidt, Margret: Segelfliegerin. Hamburg. 1936 A-Schein im Segelflug, 1937 und 1938 im Sommerlehrgängen an der Clubschule...
  3. cemifor

    HJ boys as POW - NARA repro photo

    "Original US Signal Corps / US National Archives (NARA) Kodak photo with archive stamp. 1944/45 captured Wehrmacht soldiers and children from the Hitler Youth" "Originales US Signal Corps / US National Archives (NARA) Kodak-Foto mit Archivstempel. 1944/45 Gefangene Landser der Deutschen...
  4. Rudel

    Documents in the National Trade competition (Reichsberufswettkampf)

    Hello, the participants in the national trade competition were awarded with documents, too. We differentiate between the normal participant document, the honorary certificates for good achievement and the documents for the winners. I know honorary certificates for the years 1936 - 1939. Do you...
  5. Rudel

    Kreissieger, Gausieger badges 1934 - 1937

    Hello, I am a new member of the forum. First I want to introduce myself. I am Markus, 46 years old and from Germany. Normally I am interested in medals and badges. For the moment I am looking for all material about the „Reichsberufswettkampf“(National Trade Competition). Here are my questions...
  6. hoodooedd

    HJ Leaders in Rome 1939 with White Caps

    Just acquired this photo which shows a delegation of HJ Leaders meeting the Secretary of the Italian Fascist Party at the National Fascist HQ in Rome 1939. What's nice to see is the Uniform Combination of the Standard HJ Jacket complete with White Cap, White Trousers, White Gloves and White...
  7. mkholst

    Uniforms regulations for the "Danish BDM" - (NSU piger)

    I found these 8 pages (fotocopy) in a pile of old papers I have forgotten. I got the copyes for about 35 years ago from an fellow collector. The pages describes the way to behave and dress and the ranking system for the Danish "National Socialisk Ungdom - piger" = NSU (National Socialistisk...
  8. Paul Ayerst

    TRUMPET WITH A BANNER id ?National Federation of the Evangelical Young Men

    National Federation of the Evangelical Young Men possible ID still exists today so any opinions :canada1 banner and trumpet appear to be a marriage not made for each other me thinks
  9. wingman15

    1934 NSDAP national youth sports pin (Reichsjugendsportabzeichen)

    1934 NSDAP National youth sports pin (Reichsjugendsportabzeichen Aufschlagnadel),Displays stylized letters RJA with a Hakenkreuz,Makermark(Wernstein jena) any comments much appretiated,. cheers fellas
  10. wingman15

    1939 Kreissieger Trade Competition badge by H. Aurich - Opinion?

    HJ/DAF KREIS LEVEL NATIONAL TRADE COMPETITION BADGE(Keissieger Abzeichen im Reichsberufswettkampf) OPINION,dont have many pics on this item,.any info would be great.cheers
  11. cemifor

    Sport Competition (Reichsjugendwettkämpfe) Certificate for 1932

    . Sport Competition Certificate [ex metho collection] Embossed stamp, Deutscher Reichsausschuss für Leibesübungen [German National Committee for Physical Exercises] Reichsjugend Wettkämpfen wurde Friedrich Voss im Dreikampf 3. Sieger Kellinghusen, den 6.9.1932 Nissen Wettkampfleiter In the...
  12. cemifor

    VDA Schulgemeinschaft 1934

    VDA Schulgemeinschaft [Schoolgroup], 1934, at the railwaystation of Eichkamp in the Berlin district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. Note the pennant. . . . Peter Longerich: Heinrich Himmler - A Life: VDA – Volksbund für das Deutschtum im Ausland – National League for Germans Abroad Since 1933...
  13. cemifor

    NSV-Kinderlandverschickung Usedom 1934

    NSV-Kinderlandverschickung Usedom 1934 The term Kinderlandverschickung (KLV) was used from the late 19th century for Erholungsverschickung ("recreational deportation") of sick and underprivileged children to foster care in the country. From 1916, the Reichszentrale Landaufenthalt für...
  14. cemifor

    Jungdeutscher Orden ( Young German Order ] - Jungdo

    Jungdeutscher Orden [ Young German Order ] - Jungdo Ordensbuch - Membership ID - No 736 - Bruderschaft Braunschweig . . . Reinhard Grube - Born 19 November 1911 Member from 31 August 1927 . Badge/tinnie from Kundgebung [rally] 29 - 30 August 1931 in Hildesheim . . The...
  15. cemifor

    Gesetze des Deutschen Studententums

    . . . . Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund - National Socialist German Students' League Gesetze des Deutschen Studententums Richtlinien für die Kameradschaftserziehung des NSD-Studentenbundes Laws of the German Studententums Guidelines for the fellowship training of the...
  16. cemifor

    NSFK HJ motor flight model certificate

    A friend of mine, has this NSFK HJ motor model flight certificate. Besitz Urkunde HJ Günther Hechtel, Schwabach wird anlässlich des 11. Reichswettbewerbes für Motorflugmodell Borkenberge 1939 die Erinnerungsplakette des Korpsführers des NS-Fliegerkorps verliehen Borkenberge, am 28. August...
  17. cemifor

    Die Nationale Front der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik

    Early postwar DDR youth organisation - Freie Deutsche Jugend; FDJ [Free German Youth]. Nationalen Front des demokratischen Deutschland Stadtbezirksausschuss Süd-Ost Wikipedia: The National Front of the German Democratic Republic (German: Nationale Front der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik...
  18. cemifor

    HJ portrait - Greatcoat and cap with cloth visor

    Fritz, wearing greatcoat and cap with cloth visor and national eagle as used by ranks from Kameradschaftsführer to Unterbannführer (1933 regulations). .
  19. D

    Researching the wearer of a HJ Leader Dagger (HJ-Führerdolch)

    Sorry to add in someone else's theme, though, and created two similar in the different sections: but maybe me can help here. Dear Gents. I have HJ Führerdolch with engraving. Back side scabbard...
  20. Heran

    Table Insignia/awards, Real or Fantasy?

    Hi All, As a collector of metallic insignia (Tinnies), I am also interested in Table awards/Insignia? (See pictures for more clarification) But as there is such lack of information about this type of award, the assumption that they could be fakes also exists. That means that there are many...