1. S

    HJ and BDM sleeve triangles from Kassel show

    Hi guys, I would like to show you my new HJ/BDM district triangles from the Kassel show. I hope you like them! BR Sven 1) BDM Nord Nordsee 2) HJ Nord Nordee 3) BDM Ost Sudetenland 4) HJ Ost Sudetenland 5) BDM Ost Generalgouvernement 6) BDM Nord Niedersachsen 7) BDM Süd Schwaben 8) BDM...
  2. Garry

    HJ Bann 824

    Bann 824 is currently unknown but I found a HJ achievement book a while back that shows that the boy was a member of this Bann, specifically of Fähnlein 8/824. The Gebiet is shown in the book as 7 Nordsee and the WEL stamps are also for that Gebiet so it clearly follows that 824 was in Gebiet 7...
  3. F

    Jungbann 31 Altona/Pinneberg shoulder patch.

    Rare one? With Nord Nordsee triangle. Somebody know how big bann 31 was? All heelp is wellcome
  4. Como


    I just acquired this last weekend. I am not a Tinnie collector, but from time to time I will acquire one when convenient. Thanks for looking. -Craig
  5. I

    BDM Nord Nordsee aluminium bullion

    I noticed this triangle at an old auction at a UK based auction house. It looks like the thread is aluminium bullion or something similar. It's definitely not RZM, but could it be a genuine triangle?
  6. D

    Original Oil Painting of HJ member 1941 AHS

    Although crude, it's original and looks to have been cut from a frame at some point. Artist is Heissler, Adolf Hitler School, 1941. The fellow did nice details on the uniform and insignia. I can't find a reference to the Bann. 7/882. The triangle patch looks like Nord Nordsee.
  7. M

    Early Nord Nordsee boards from Bann 284 and triangle

    I managed to get my hands on these early style boards and matched them up with an early style triangle. Will look good framed up I think.
  8. wizardelf

    General (allgemeine HJ) Gebiet 7 staff member shoulder straps

    :yo: Folks, arrived yesterday, thanks to Debertex I've now a pair of Algemeine HJ gebiet 7 Staff shoulderboards. Nice addition to my other boards belonging to Gebiet 7 Nord Nordsee. First pic shows my other pair of gebiet 7 staff shoulderboards. second and third pictures is from the new...
  9. wizardelf

    HJ Reichsjugendwettkämpfe 1933 Gifhorn and Reichssportwettkampf tinnies

    Hi folks, has been some time since my last posting. So here are a few of my latest badges. Just have a look and as usual any comment is welcome. I particularly love the "Sieger Fähnleinführer 1943/44" :001_tt1:(Apparently similar badges exists for other occasions? Any Info and or pics are...
  10. wizardelf

    HJ Bann 189 Nord Nordsee

    My latest purchase, :001_smile: Arrived today, a single strap Algemeine HJ (after '38) for Bann 189, city of Luneberg / Gebiet 7 Nord Nordsee. Addition to my small collection of this particular bann in regards to shoulderboards. wizardelf :belgium
  11. wizardelf

    Promotion letter and provisional identity card for a member of Jungbann 1/190

    Hi Folks, I've included here some pics of two papers I could get my hands on to further complete my Nordsee HJ project.:001_rolleyes: the first paper is to state that this boy is to be advanced to the rank of "hordenführer" JungBann 1/190. Luckily for me the DJ strap I have. The rankpatch not...
  12. W

    Full list of HJ Gebietsführer (regional leaders) for 1943

    Hello, For those who are interested, here is the full list of all HJ regional leaders in 1943 Best regards Eric Admin Edit: the list came from the 1991 book shown in post #3. However, it contains a lot of errors and also doesn't include the k.-Gebietsführer who covered the Gebietsführer...
  13. wizardelf

    framing my Nord Nordsee triangles with different gothic lettering

    :yo: folks, Finally I managed to frame my Nord Nordsee triangles. :clap2: Here is my collection of triangles (1 BDM) with all different gothic lettering, put together so one has an overview of the differences. Some differences are subtle, others are better visible. But what am I talking about...
  14. wizardelf

    My HJ tinnie collection

    Hi, As promised here are pics of my HJ tinnie as up today. For most amongst the collectors of Tinnies, probably not so special, but as I stated before I'm just starting out with collecting these and hope to be able to make some fine additions to the ones I owe allready. First pic is of my...
  15. holzwurm_1920

    Bann 239 Burgdorf Gebiet Nord Nordsee "Cloth-item"

    Hello, here are pictures from my new cloth-item from Bann 239, but for what is it ? 33x24cm Opinions welcome. Best Regards Alois
  16. holzwurm_1920

    Gebiet Nord Nordsee grouping Bann 77 Celle and Bann 239 Bann Burgdorf

    Hello, here are pictures from my Nordsee-grouping. A Übungsleiterausweis, a Abnahmeberechtigungsausweis f.d. Reichsschwimmschein, a Sportwartausweis and a "Beförderung" to Scharführer. The letter from sending the "Lehrschein" für Geländesport is from Bann 239 also the cloth-item(this I´ll post...
  17. S

    What badges is this HJ boy wearing?

    Hi there, Can you please help me. Attached you will find a picture of a HJ member. He was a member since april 1932 and according to the documents he was promoted to Gefolgschaftsführer in november 1933 (Bahn 285). Can anybody tell what tinnies and lanyard he is wearing? I checked internet...
  18. I

    HJ Winterbluse Nordsee

    My new HJ Winterbluse with Nordsee Gebietsdreieck. Nice match for my earlier posted DJ shirt from the Nordsee region, Leer/Ostfriesland Bann 381. The Winterbluse has all original RZM buttons. Size would be approx. a EUR 176, because the torso is that size as well. Unfortunately, the shirt is...
  19. wizardelf

    Mitglieds-Ausweis für das Deutsche Jungvolk Gebiet 7

    Hi Folks, here's a passport for a 14 year old boy. This is a welcome addition to my projekt "Nordsee Hitlerjugend" for the boy belonged to Jungbann Rotenburg 1/271 (Lüneburger Heide) wich belonged to Gebiet 7 / Nordsee. enclosed a few pics for you to enjoy and to comment. Any additional info...
  20. D

    Nord Nordsee HJ triangle - opinions please

    My concern with this recent purchase is the stitching at the bottom of the reverse. I expected the yellow stitching to have the usual sawtooth appearance but this one is different! Doug