1. Wittmann1944

    BDM sleeve triangles

    Hello, Here my new BDM Triangles. Very rare in nice condition. West Westfalen-Nord, Ost Oberschlesien, West Niederlande, Ost Niederschlesien
  2. Transpspeer

    HJ-Bannführer Dr. Pastorff, Bezirksführer der Landdienst in Oberschlesien

    Guys, anyone knows the first name of HJ-Bannführer Dr. Pastorf, Bezirksführer der Landdienst in Oberschlesien? Thanks in advance.
  3. Pimpf359

    BDM Area Triangles - West Düsseldorf and Ost Oberschlesien

    I want to introduce you to my new triangles. Most of all I'm glad about the Ost Oberschlesien. Regards
  4. Paul Ayerst

    BDM sleeve triangle Ost Oberschlesien

    JUST BOUGHT this rare one from DEBERTEX who in my opinion is a rare gem of a dealer in the most positive sense thanks for working with me on this rare beauty. :canada1 am curious if this one is in many other collections so if you have one please show it on this thread.
  5. W

    Full list of HJ Gebietsführer (regional leaders) for 1943

    Hello, For those who are interested, here is the full list of all HJ regional leaders in 1943 Best regards Eric Admin Edit: the list came from the 1991 book shown in post #3. However, it contains a lot of errors and also doesn't include the k.-Gebietsführer who covered the Gebietsführer...
  6. Garry

    List of HJ Wehrertüchtigungslager and Reichsausbildungslager

    The aim here is to compile lists of all known Wehrertüchtigungslager (HJ pre-military training camps) for the HJ. This thread includes a complete list as at 29.5.1943 and a list of known Reichsausbildungslager (this list is not dated but has been culled from various sources). The last list...