1. Gefreiter Otto 1

    HJ Reichssportwettkampf 1940 Siegernadel, two variants identified

    I am learning a lot on this forum. I would like to contribute something little by little. I have the 1940 Siegernadel Badge in plastic (Kunststoff) , no maker's mark, with a pin rivet. There are two types of rivets in the 1940 version: - Rivet with 2 round holes. - Rivet with 4 square holes.
  2. Garry

    1938 Reichssportwettkampf card badge

    I always wondered what these were actually for but it says in a May 1938 newspaper article that it was the day badge for the competition and that it granted the wearer access to the various event locations. I assume that the 1939 badge that we see around had the same purpose.
  3. E

    1944 Reichssportwettkämpfe Siegerurkunde Examples

    The 1944 Hitler Jugend sport festival did not have a pin or badge, unlike the years 1934-1943. Only a winner's certificate was issued. The document is smaller than a postcard, measuring 7 cm by 10.5 cm. It reads, "Sports Competition, 1944 [name] has on sports competition 1944 competition...
  4. E

    Reichssportwettkampf badge variations?

    I am trying to put together my own set. I have all the years, but not all the variations. Does anyone know how many variations there were? For example, there was a half wreath and a full wreath in the 1943. There is also at least two in 1938: one with stipling on the eagle breast and one...
  5. S

    Unusual or Not? 1943 HJ Reichssportwettkampf badge

    Hello All, I don't know if the badge is considered to be unusual? Most of the other examples I have are made from a silver kunstoff (plastic) material. This one is pressed zinc. The badge has two raised slots at the back for either sewing or pin mounting. What do you think? Cheers Doug
  6. S

    Reichssportwettkampf badges

    Hello All, going through an old box of badges I came across this small pile of HJ badges. The later plastic one looks to have had his needle replaced upside down! I am guessing because of the low value of these items they are not reproduced at the moment? All the best Doug
  7. wizardelf

    HJ Reichsjugendwettkämpfe 1933 Gifhorn and Reichssportwettkampf tinnies

    Hi folks, has been some time since my last posting. So here are a few of my latest badges. Just have a look and as usual any comment is welcome. I particularly love the "Sieger Fähnleinführer 1943/44" :001_tt1:(Apparently similar badges exists for other occasions? Any Info and or pics are...
  8. zacker

    HJ Tinnies Opinions Requested

    Treue um Treu, Saar 1935 Mutter und Kind 1934 Deutsches Jugendfest 1936 1939 Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel (winner's badge) These look ok? thanks Admin edit: description of badges added
  9. R

    HJ Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel tinnies collection

    Hi, I'm new here and among others WWII stuff I collect HJ Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel tinnies. I think I have a near complete sequence, only missing the 1941 and a 1943 with half oak leaves crown in better conditions (at mine the rear pin is missing). Among them I have two 1938 and two...
  10. H

    M1/15 Hitler Youth membership badge and 1943 Reichssportwettkampf winner badge

    Acquired these badges from my grandfather, and am having a hard time identifying these, since they are semi-civilian. Any help would be so appreciated. The double pronged is dated 1943 and is mettallic, the triangle has a small RZ encapsulated in an M logo with a M1/15 across the top.
  11. cardon

    Printed Hitler Youth armband, 1935 Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel and 'tinnie' for Jugendherberge Annaberg- opinions?

    Hello Guys, Was offered an armband and two badges in one lot,could you please take a look at them and give your opinions. Thanks a lot !!! cardon
  12. L

    Listing of Hitler Youth training manuals (Ausbildungsvorschriften) as at 1.1.1940

    This list is complete to my knowledge but any required additions will follow :yo: Ausbildungsvorschriften ( Av. ) as at 1.1.1940...
  13. L

    Der Reichssportwettkampf der HJ

    ... Der Reichssportwettkampf der HJ Herausgegeben von der RJF 1942 / 32 Seiten
  14. oldtrcollector

    Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel badges legitimate?

    Hi - I wanted to get some opinions on these 2 Sport Festival badges. I am especially wondering about the 1939. It looks good from front, but look at the name on the back: "E. SCH L". Is that a maker? The 1937 is made by Hillenbrand & Bröer. So are they both ok?
  15. H

    Question On Rarity of HJ Reichssportwettkampf 1939 tinnies

    :canada1hello new to the site and had a question regarding the HJ Reichssportwettkampf 1939 tinnies. I've noticed there is 2 versions a brownish one and then a grey one. I currently own the grey one and was wondering which one is the more rare of the 2. thanks in advance to any replies.
  16. G

    HJ Reichssportwettkampf 1936 - opinions

    bonjour je voudrais votre opinion sur ce tinnies, et a quoi correspond t'il? merci les gars
  17. punkt0900

    HJ Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel

    Hallo, zum Anfang gleich noch eins von 1938. Für mich ein original. Was haltet ihr davon?
  18. H

    Reichssportwettkampf 1939 Siegernadel and Oberdonau 1941

    for railhouse: Sport Siegernadel 1941 Oberdonau
  19. cemifor

    Sportnachrichtendienst der Hitlerjugend

    A few pages from: Sportnachtrichtendienst der Hitlerjugend, 6. 1940, 30 April 1940. Herausgeber: Reichsjugendführung der NSDAP, Berlin W 35, Kurfürstenstrasse 53 Erscheint nach bedarf Inhalt: 39 Sportordnung der Hitler-Jugend im Schiessen 40 Lehrgang der Reichsleistungsgruppe KKSchiessen...
  20. H

    Very rare document of DJ in Romania - Bann 1 Kronstadt !!!!!

    Hi mates, today I've received a very rare paper group of a Deutsche Jugend girl from German minority in Rumania. The girl was member of the Deutsche Volksgruppe and immigrated later in 1944 to the Reich! I also have the immigrant pass of the Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle. Very interesting, the...