Blood And Honor: The History of the 12th SS Panzer Division "Hitler Youth" 1939-1945 2012 Edition


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Dec 6, 2013
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The book is Blood and honour: The History of the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitler Youth" 1943-1945 by Dr. Craig W. H. Luther, 2012 edition.

Late in World War II, during the Normandy campaign, a new German Waffen SS armored division saw action which was composed almost entirely by Hitler Youth -- especially a large contingent of soldiers all born in 1926. How would a large number of young soldiers raised to be ideologically aligned with the 3rd Reich but with little battle experience fare?

That's the story of this book.

Author Luthor does a magnificent job here, combining the work of other historians with a large amount of independent research. He begins with an overview of the Hitler Youth movement and then covers the formation of the division, its training, its record during the war, the atrocities committed by its members, and its ultimate disposition.

Many illustrations are to be found here, along with 10 appendices!

A "must have" in your HJ library.

For those not familiar with Dr. Luther's work. he has written several books about World War 2 with a focus on the Operation Barbarossa, the Eastern Front, Otto Skorzeny and Erwin Rommel. His is known for his meticulous research, attention to detail and readability. He makes you feel like "you are there"! His book, "Barbarossa Unleashed" is considered to be one of the best works on the subject ever published,