DJ Oberbann 6 sigrune at last


Apr 6, 2020
Thanks Received
Good morning all,

For those who know me, know I have been after a used/off a uniform DJ Ob 6 sigrune for nearly 2 years. And I am proud to say I have one of the most elusive sigrunes AT LAST. I luv collecting DJ sigrunes and if I have some spare cash at the time and I see a sigrune I buy it. As we all know a Ob 5 and 6 unissued are the hardest to find at a sensible price and a used 5 and 6 even harder. Maybe I am looking on the wrong sites ? if you see any for sale please inbox me, thank you. I also collect early Pre RZM runes sometimes I find them for sale at sensible prices but the last couple I have seen recently were selling at stupid stupid prices so I had to give them a miss. If anyone has DJ sigrunes for sale please message me. I am working away on an article on DJ buckles and when finished I think I will do an article on DJ arm sigrunes if anyone is interested. Anyway enough talk see photos attached and my collection with spares. Enjoy.

Best regards...Ewan

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Hello Ewan,

You've put together a very nice collection in two years and I personally think the DJ arm patches are very nice, but as you know, unfortunately you can't collect everything and that's why I sold my DJ runes. I only have the NPEA (Oberbann 6) and an early one from Thuringia.
Good morning Steve,

Thank you for you kind words in ref to my DJ rune collection, two of which I am sure were in your collection. Can you please post photos of your remaining DJ runes ? I know you are a busy man but in time to come can I inbox you with questions about DJ runes ? when I am putting together an article on them.

Best regards....Ewan
Hi Ewan,
Yes, time is short, but I will make time for her when it suits me. Please send me your email and I will see what I can answer. I will send pictures of my two arm runes in the next few days.
Best regards Steve