German Schoolboys ca. 1945

Nov 27, 2014
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I saw this pic today and thought I would post on the forum. The only caption was "German Schoolboys ca. 1945" so I don't know if it was pre-surrender or post war. I would think that if it was during the war we would see some HJ uniforms(?).

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I think that it must be after the war ended, the first boy is barefoot, and I think that I can se some more barefoot down the row. A lot of them also have short pants . I do not think that kids will be barefoot and in short pants in January - April.

Michael :denmark
The "Ernährungsamt" was an authority regulating the production and distribution of food in and after war.
I'm going to show that photo to my ten-year old. He makes the same face when I tell it's time to turn the Wii off. Should be a good reality check for him :))
I see what looks to be part of the word Charlottenburg which would put this location as part of Berlin. Such a sorry sight.