Volkssturm batallion 25/HJ


Mar 24, 2023
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All Volkssturm batallions in East Prussia had a common digital code "25", which was indicated on the erkennungsmarken. In Königsberg (East Prussia) in March-April 1945 there were eight Volkssturm battalions. There are : 25/58, 25/62, 25/225, 25/235, 25/66, 25/68, 25/82 and 25/HJ. About all but the last there is very fragmentary information. You can determine where these battalions were based, the number of personnel. But there is no information about the battalion 25/HJ

The only thing I found:

I would like more information. Can you help ?
Hi Michael,

you have already posted the link to the german "Forum der Wehrmacht".

The topic "Einheiten des Volkssturms" was started by the FdW moderator Sven30 in November 2019.
(Already 154! pages on this topic speak a clear language...) ;)

Overview: Einheiten des Volkssturms - Forum der Wehrmacht

It is probably the best source so far on this very complex topic in German, apart from the various German archives.
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