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    HJ winter tunic

    Hi I bought a winter robe of the HJ, apparently authentic. It has a label with the owner's initials: HD.
    The buttons for the shoulder boards are printed with the number 10 and shoulder boards do not seem authentic, he has the number 565.
    The armband is sewn directly onto the tunic and seems authentic. The war has ripped a label, probably the RZM.
    Finally contains a small enamelled badge of the HJ with the manufacturer's name.

    For me this is my first piece. I'm 21 years old and eager to study, learn and collect. It is very difficult for me to spend so much money in a collection, but I love it. I hope someday to have a nice collection.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. If you are interested in learning about and collecting HJ you are in the right place. A few things I notice about the shirt. The shoulder straps are probably good period straps. This Bann number 565 Spittal, from is from Obergebiet Sud Ost, HJ Gebiet 31 Karnten in Austria. This particular shoulder strap is the most common General HJ strap you will see. They were found unissued in large quantities post war. That being said, and the absence of a yellow lettered Sud Ost Karnten sleeve triangle which are scarce and difficult to find, makes me think the insignia may have been added post war. You will see this Bann number on many many HJ uniforms offered up for sale, often with a triangle on the sleeve that does not match the location of the straps. From the photos the shirt is probably okay, just has insignia added post war, IMO. Edit, is the badge maker Otto Hoffman?

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    Very thanks for the info!!!! :laugh: Yes the badge is Otto Hoffman.

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    Here is a link to a thread regarding the Otto Hoffman member pins.

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    Then the insignia of Otto Hoffman is a fake?

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    Sorry to have to say yes, Otto Hoffman badges are widely considered to be fake ones. The good news is that a genuine member badge won't set you back too much money, and are pretty easy to find. Sorry for the bad news.

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    agree with everything darin has said, looks to be a period shirt that has had the insignia added post war, and the badge is definetly fake,before you buy in future run it past the members here we are more than willing to help

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    nice blouse you 've got there!

    I agree on the diamond. thats a fake, but for about 20 - 30 € you should find a genuine one.

    And as stu sais: ask the question and members will post their opinion on 'want to buy' items. If you'r not to sure on what to do after reading their info: go with your guts; I do. when it feels good to you and the info you've got on it seems divided and don't exclute fake from genuie.

    welcome to this great community! all guys want to help, so use their info and insights

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    Well never mind. It's my first shirt and I guess I should sin of not guilty.
    Recommend that store to buy cheaply uniforms and other accessories?
    Know of any store in Spain that can be reliable and good?

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    Not a bad first item, just needs a couple of things to make a really nice restored HJ winter shirt.:) There is another member here from Spain, Heran, he's a great guy and he may know of some good reliable dealers in Spain.

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