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    DJ Hordenführer sleeve chevron

    These are some DJ Hordenführer Winkel. The regulations regarding this insignia are dated 4, April 1934. The initial regulations did not address any form of underlay, however a regulation dated 24 January 1936 specified that this insignia was to be worn over any specialty sleeve insignia. This regulation also introduced an underlay in the color of the fabric that the insignia was worn on, each side measuring 5cm. The underlay was specified to be worn on the brown shirt but not the blouse or overcoat. The 8mm wide aluminium tress was spaced 2mm from the outer edge of the underlay. The regulations also specified that a "TA" blue RZM tag was to be afixed to the backside. The chevron was worn until April 5, 1939, when the new pattern round ranks fully came into effect. These should not be confused with the "Alter Kämpfer Winkel", which is slightly larger and of a different pattern. Edit, most of this information came from Angolias HJ, so it may not all be correct.

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    Good ones to bat .
    Thanks for posting Darin .

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    Very nice patches Darin. Thanks for posting.


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    really nice darin, havent got any of these yet!! lol

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    These came in a lot from Detlev. Don't usualy buy there, but this one came up right when I logged on to the update so I grabed it. Got 2 sigrunes, a knot, these, sa collar tabs, and a jungzugfuher patch for a great price. Thanks to some of the guys here I've shared the haul! lol! :D:p

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    Hey Darin
    If you can post some scans of your S/A tabs .

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    Hey Darin
    If you can post some scans of your S/A tabs .
    Joe, those went to our friend Zander straight away, but I'm sure he will post photos of them if we ask, hint hint Steve!!

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    If we are going to post non HJ insignia that is great as these kids all went into one of the regular orginizations so lets get a non HJ insignia sub forum for discussion of our other bits and bobs we pick up :) I love SA collars etc also

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    Garry set up an Other Collections section just for the other arenas of collecting Paul, would love to see some of your stuff there.

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    I will take some pics joe and get them posted...


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