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    Bann 183 Herford

    A nice Ebay win this morning. Bann 183 Herford, West Westfalen. Oberbann 6 with white numerals and piping. White numbered and piped Oberbann 6 straps are not often seen. A hard to find strap at a great price.

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    Hi Darin
    .. a good Price.....for the European market
    mfg Brian

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    You have chance Darin I forgot to bid on this item
    First time I see a Oberbann 6 white piping so congrats

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    Congratulations Darin, I already lost the count in your collections... how many so far?

    Take care



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    Indeed a cheap price for this one, luck was on my side. I am glad we were not bidding against each other Lauri, I think many forgot to bid due to the low selling price. I think this one makes around 215 HJ/DJ straps for me Anotonio, I'll have to count them up soon. I am thinking of setting up a display table at the West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors show this fall. It's the biggest show on my side of the US, sort of like a mini SOS or MAX for the guys that live too far from those shows to attend without considerable traveling expense. If I set up a dispaly I will make some flyers for the Forum to pass out to those who are interested in HJ. Just an idea.

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    Well it has arrived! Pity the piping is a little loose, but a very difficult to find strap. I never see Oberbann 6 HJ straps for sale, anywhere. I was very lucky to win this Ebay auction! Another hole in the collection filled.
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    Maybe it is possible to restore the loose piping with white thread?

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    Here is a copy of a photo from Mil 321 that shows what appear to be Oberbann 6 straps in wear. A different Unterbann that the example in my collection but a great clear photo. Incorrectly identified as "Flieger HJ" on Mil 321 in the listing.
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    Nice photograph. It looks as he formerly had been a member from the Jungstahlhelm (Bund der Frontsoldaten),
    due to the sword he is wearing above his left pocket.

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    Nice shoulderboard and aswell nice pic!

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