1. S

    HJ and BDM sleeve triangles from Kassel show

    Hi guys, I would like to show you my new HJ/BDM district triangles from the Kassel show. I hope you like them! BR Sven 1) BDM Nord Nordsee 2) HJ Nord Nordee 3) BDM Ost Sudetenland 4) HJ Ost Sudetenland 5) BDM Ost Generalgouvernement 6) BDM Nord Niedersachsen 7) BDM Süd Schwaben 8) BDM...
  2. M

    HJ triangle - West Westfalen-Süd

    My new arrival from today, one of the harder to find triangles. It seems to have been glued into an album, but with such pieces you must not complain I think :-)
  3. D

    HJ flag for Gefolgschaft "M" 9/60?

    Hello from France. It's my first post. I own since 1986 a HJ Gefolgschaft flag associated to Gefolgschaft 9 - Bann 60 (Oberhausen - Obergebiet 3 « West »). Here is three pictures of this flag and its patch. The patch has been modified during the war or the pre-war period. A «1» has been...
  4. N

    West Köln-Aachen HJ sleeve triangle and HJ Geländesportwart CT

    Dear Members, My name is Frank C. Everards I am a volunteer for a small museum in The Netherlands. We get some donations from time to time. I would like to ask your help in getting the story straight with the artifacts. Does anyone recognize this? We believe it is a HJ band. But does anybody...
  5. WernerBamberg

    BDM West Hessen-Nassau sleeve triangle smaller than usual

    Hello guys, Recently bought a kletterweste. It is a non RZM weste and I think the triangle is not period applied, but dont know for sure. Strange thing is that the triangle is smaller then normal. Never saw that before. It is well worn, but looks original to me The weste itself is also very...
  6. D

    HJ uniform: Ruhr Niederrhein/west Bann 57

    1st post on this forum. Sharing a HJ uniform I got 30 years ago. I have an early os cap too but its blue piped. No markings on the scarf. Small RZM on the neckerchief slide. The Ausweis does not match this uniform. No markings in the shirt. The Bann 57 is correct for West Ruhr Neiderrhein. I...
  7. T

    BDM buttons, West Westfalen sleeve triangle, toggle etc.

    hello. I want to buy these things. please tell me whether they are original? thank you king regards T
  8. S

    BDM West Hessen-Nassau sleeve triangle found in pocket

    My latest find. was in a pocket of a BDM Kletterweste.
  9. holzwurm_1920

    Gebiet "West Niederlande" Bann 940 Limburg

    Hello, here is a picture of all my Limburg boards. Hope you enjoy it. Best Regards
  10. C

    Lieber unbekannter ... Pen Pal letter to a Militärschüler

    Dear unknown Heinz ... . ... German: Militärschüler Heinz Gräfenstädter Dessau-Alten Techn. Vorsch. d. Luftw. II. Kompanie Abs. Anneliese Krohn Dornburg a.d. Elbe Post Pröde[?] N.S.V. Kindergarten. Dornburg, 11. VIII 43 Lieber unbekannter Heinz! Sie werden gewiss sehr erstaunt...
  11. Pimpf359

    HJ Area Triangle from West Westfalen-Nord

    Hello, I have just received in the mail. The very rare Triangle was a chance finding. It was found in an apartment (resolution).The price was great. I'm really happy about this good condition. Best Regards
  12. Pimpf359

    BDM Area Triangles - West Düsseldorf and Ost Oberschlesien

    I want to introduce you to my new triangles. Most of all I'm glad about the Ost Oberschlesien. Regards
  13. Joe B

    Führer eines Bann 243 , Neuwied West Moselland .

    They finially arrived . In 40 years of collecting , I know of only one other pair of Führer Eines Banns . I have seen aprox. 8 singles . So finding a pair is truly a dream . If anyone has information on the Bannführers that commanded Bann 243 , I would really appreciate the information .
  14. Pimpf359

    HJ Triangle - West Düsseldorf and BDM Triangle - West Ruhr-Niederrhein

    Hello, I would like to show my new triangles. Best Regards Steve
  15. mkholst

    Streifendienst-strap - Bann 57

    Hi Guys I have just bought this Streifendienst-strap from Col. Guild. I like it, but do you ??? Bann 57 I think it is West - Ruhr/Niederrhein, is that correct ??? I am going away for a few days, and looking foreward to see your comments when home Again. :001_cool: Michael :denmark '
  16. Gefolgschaft

    Flieger HJ Bann 37 Wilmersdorf-Zehlendorf Ost/Berlin Shoulder Straps

    Picked this nice set up at the West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors Show today for a great price. Bann 37 Wilmersdorf-Zehlendorf Ost/Berlin Flieger HJ set. These have internal stiffeners in them and don't bend with gravity. I was really happy to find a set of Berlin straps as the HJ...
  17. Pimpf359

    BDM sleeve triangles: Ost Wartheland and West Pfalz-Saar

    Oster surprise, Unfortunately, a little later. My new triangles:
  18. wingman15

    HJ West Ruhr-Niederrhein district triangle - Opinions?

    hi just was interested in some opinions on this recent purchase,cheers si
  19. janjan

    BDM sleeve triangle West Niederlande

    is this one OK or is it a bad one
  20. S

    A couple of Hitler Youth district triangles for opinions

    West Westmark, West Köln-Aachen Not feeling real good about these so I'm in need of some opinions please Thanks Mike