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    Bann 786 pair, reunited! Pleß Ost/Oberschlesien

    About a year ago I bought this strap from Spencer at Victory militaria. I liked it due to the unique Kriegsfreiwilliger on it and the Ost Gebiet that it is from. I've never seen a red and white cord like this one.

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    Well fast forward to this morning. I was looking at Ebay US and what should pop up? The matching strap to complete the set!!! I immeadiatley contacted the seller, explained that I have the other strap from the set, and he accepted my offer to end the auction and sell me the strap. This pair will be reunited after who knows how long apart! Crazy.
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    what a funny coincidence! Congrats, do you have now the pair!

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    I was watching that one Daren , I am glad that you got it and we did not have to bid against each other . well done brother .

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    Better pics when I get the set put back together. A really odd coincidence to find this one that matches. Indeed I'm glad we did not bid against each other Joe. The seller has been listing some good original HJ items lately.

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    Well done on getting the set back together Darin

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    I agree,
    Well done on getting the set back together Darin

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    Thanks guys. Here's a photo of the two of them side by side. A positive match in my opinion. Great to reunite a separted set like this.
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    Well done Daren , I`ve done this a few times while serfing the internet . Twice when finding a match for HJ straps and 4 times when finding the matching strap for Heer and Kreigsmarine tropical straps .

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