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    Strap with number 173

    So I wanted you to show my other single strap on which I'm very proud of.

    It's with Bann number 173 for Essen-Süd the part of the town where I was born and I'm still living.

    Unfortunately someone glued it on and some pieces paper are still on it but maybe I can remove them.

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    now thats a nice original strap, even better its from your home town personaly i would leave the paper as is :)

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    This one is good for sure. Any attempt to remove the glue may damage the strap. It still displays okay so I would leave it alone.

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    Ok, I let the paper on the bag.

    Usually I do not collect HJ items but I collect all insignia of the town "Essen" so these straps belong to that as well the straps with number 239 ;)

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    Wanted to show me other pair of HJ boards for the "Bann Essen-Süd" .. my hometown and living place :)
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    Great pair of post 1938 straps Grimgork .
    With the frist single early strap ,It looks to be in good sound condition . If it were mine , I would soak the strap in warm water for about 15 minutes , then lightly brush off the paper and glue residue with a tooth brush. Afterthat , I would leave it on a towel for a day to dry naturally . But you do what you want , its your strap .
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