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    Flieger-HJ Radio Operator patch (Bordfunkerabzeichen) regulations

    I noticed that Huesken has one of these including the pass/authorisation certificate (see second attachment below) with quite a hefty price-tag and as I'd never seen one before I had a look through some books for the story.

    I've Photoshopped Huesken's patch onto the regulation. This version of the patch was introduced for the NSFK in February 1942 but could also be awarded to Flieger-HJ boys who satisfied the requirements of the Radio Operator test (minimum of 30 letters sent and received in one minute). Testing and training was carried out by the NSFK. This patch was worn on the upper right arm of the HJ summer and winter uniforms (brown shirt and winter blouse).

    Undoubtedly rare but that's a very high price tag for an item which after all isn't, in the strictest sense of the word, a HJ item. It would be a great addition to Flieger-HJ uniform project though I think.

    The second attachment shows the accompanying test/pass certificate for a boy who qualified for the award of the badge (part of the same sale)

    Hope this is of some use.



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    Here's a photo of the badge in wear.

    Note Bordfunker Abzeichen on left arm and glider badge "B" on right arm.


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    ... and a NSFK radiooperators certificate (Bord-Funkschein) to an 18 year old Flieger-HJ member who has finished the premilitary airplane-radiooperator training.


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    Thanks for showing the photo of this patch in wear Henrik. Yes, according to the regulation the Segelflieger patch is being worn correctly by the boy on the right. For those who had qualified for both badges the regulation goes on to say that the Bordfunker patch was to be worn 2cm below the Segelflieger on the right upper arm. These photos of non-regulation wear of uniform and insignia as with the boy on the left are always very interesting to see

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    how much they asking for this rare patch gar

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    1100 Euros for the patch and certificate Stu.


    Galerie d'Histoire

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    this patch is around on a couple sights


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    I'd rather buy something else for 1100 euro.

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