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    It begs the question how many Otto Hoffman made triangles are in our collections.
    Plenty But obviously they were not allowed to put their own label on Official RZM Items. Sometimes with the Non-Official stuff like Everyday tinnies, events and stuff non-NS related, even up until the end of the war you can find company Labels, like Deschler, Godet, Hoffstätter and i am sure cloth makers as well, depending what they made. I very much doubt that any one maker could Live solely from just making NSDAP stuff, they would have had a sideline in other items. I dont see any reason why Otto Hoffmann did not make the HJ badge in 1933, and i`ll show you why just now. (or better phrased, it is very real possibility that he could of, ie: it is not something that can be ruled out of question)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Garry, give me a heads up when the threads started, and then i`ll tell you why i believe it is more than possible that Otto Hoffman DID make HJ membership badges
    Did Otto Hoffmann make Hitler Youth membership badges after all?

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    A fake 1960s DJ rune that was returned to Collectors Guild and then promptly relisted:

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