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    RZM 31 Hitler Youth badge

    Thanks for the advice on the other badge. Could I get some opinions on this badge advertised by collectors guild? If the other one is genuine I'll try and exchange them.


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    Beautiful, Original cap badge, made no later than the beginning of November 1935, which is when this maker (M1/31) lost their RZM number. A similar, rare and beautiful one, marked RZM M1/36 was given the thumbs down at WAF this week which was sad to see... I fear many unique and rare items have been classed as fakes due to a lack of knowledge, and collectors still using Comparison to decide Genuine from bad.

    Although i must add, in this case, the markings, although unusual, are typical from Karl Pfohl (M1/31) at this time, a possible reason why he lost his M-N° ?
    Nice badge indeed.

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    I can only agree. A nice transitional.

    Regards, Wim

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    Vielen Dank euch beiden. Ich hätte auf Anhieb gesagt da stimmt etwas nicht. Man lernt nie aus!

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    nice badge, was sad to see the thread on waf giving the similar badge a thumbs down, but i think people are so cautious over the amount of fakes around that anything that doesn't fit the norm is immediately red-flagged, which means a lot of good items could end up in the bin

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    was sad to see the thread on waf giving the similar badge a thumbs down
    One of the Posters on that thread is very active when it comes to Higher awards like the Coburg Badge, the Golden NSDAP honour Badge, Blood Order etc... so if they mess up on the smaller oddities, how can they be "specialists" on the other items?
    NH87er, here are a few badges made by the same maker, you will note that just before he lost his number M1/31, he changed and incorporated the M1/ into the reverse design, i have only ever seen a very small amount of the M1/31 badges marked correctly, so maybe it was a case of too little too late and he lost his number for sloppy markings? In saying that, In Pforzheim, where he was, around that time many makers and Sub-contractors lost their license, so maybe it was just the RZM cleaning up the market, and filtering out odd designs and non-conforma items.
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