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    Brehmer identified as maker of the unmarked Hitler Youth achievement badges

    I was able to link Gustav Brehmer with the early unmarked Leistungsabzeichen, as well as those only B-marked. With 100% certainty. There is a rather easy to spot obverse die fault on all of them.


    I made a micro composite image of the impressed number 4 on the M1/101 marked badge, (14439) as well as the number 4 from an unmarked badge, (4784) and they both contain identical die errors, and plenty of them too.

    HJforum545.jpg HJforum-1.jpg

    For those that are interested that is


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    amazing what you see when you care to look eah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HJ-collector View Post
    amazing what you see when you care to look eah!
    Yes, it helps a lot, especially if you are familiar with looking at items this way, after a while you get a feel of "what you would like to see" and what makes your toe nails curl up..
    The PDF image is larger :-)
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    And obviously i dont mean the silver numbered and B versions from Metallwarenfabrik Adolf Schwerdt, they are different.


    The early badges so far can only be linked to Gustav Brehmer, Berg & Nolte and Adolf Schwerdt. And of course the unknown hollow back badge producer.

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    Jo, I say this only once: You mean a lot for our hobby. (almost finished the book. But than I have to start read it again in an attempt to absorb all the new information).

    Regards, Wim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wim Vangossum View Post
    ....almost finished the book. But than I have to start read it again in an attempt to absorb all the new information
    Cheers Wim. Exactly this is what those interested parties over at WAF need to do with their HJ badges for foreigners. Instead of showing pictures of a pile of wood chips, and discussing tiny black and white images in outdated - bordering on science fiction - books. It is so much simpler and has the advantage that it clears things up conclusively, in an instant, without the need for wood chip.

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    Brehmer identified as the maker of the hollow back leistungsabzeichen as well Meaning that the contract went to Brehmer from day 1, and he used Berg & Nolte as well as Metallwarenfabrik Adolf Schwerdt to help with the production of the first 10-12`000 badges! (

    Obviously the numbers on the "tinnie" or hollow badges are stamped much weaker than on the solid badges, yet no matter how you look at the following (magnified composite images) of the number 4 from a hollow badge, you can see that it`s the same as those above, with parts of the same die faults. There are two images, the first focuses on the surface around the number, the second focuses on the number.

    Hooray for detailed study,hooray for macro images, and because it`s Friday, hooray for beer and brandy as well!


    Images come from a silver grade, hollow back numbered 2174, that recently found it`s way into my paws.


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    Excellent. Cheers for the work you've put into this Jo

    Congrats on the early silver too!

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    Cheers mate. Yes it does make sense as well Brehmer being the first manufacturer. They did all the gold Leistungsabzeichen too.

    Knowing this, as well as the numbers on early badges, it`s easy to see what happened in the beginning, well almost, but it would help to find a few badges in the 3500-4000 region to be certain.

    So Brehmer had the original contract then, and used two others to help him in the first year or two. Well thats how i see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Congrats on the early silver too!
    And thanks to an Irish collector, the bronze brother 2171 !


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